First one done

Hi all just had my first session of fec today it went better than i thought i was really anxious this morning but feel ok at the moment came home with a goody bag of all sorts of drugs to combat side affects just hope I go through it ok with not to many problems but on the plus side this is the first day of beating this horrible thing I’ve called my lump Carrie my family find it funny when I refer to it with this name ,hope to hear from some of you lovely brave ladies with some hints and tips ,we will beat this together. ? x

Hi Lou45,


You may like to join the October 2018 chemo starters. This is an open group so you would be welcome and you will get a lot of support and advice. All the best. :slight_smile:

Hi Lou45. How are you doing? I am starting my chemo next Tues and really nervous about the side effects. How did you get on, hopefully not too bad? xx