First post

Hi, I have just registered here, was diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative IDC 8 weeks ago. Have had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy 10 days ago. Have next appointment on Monday. Not sure what the forward plan will be. Hopefully no more surgery but everything I’ve read suggests I’ll have chemo as it’s triple negative.
Bit anxious about what lies ahead

Hello Fica ,welcome to the forum - lots of advice and support here from people who understand .The first few weeks after diagnosis are very hard - it does get easier when you know exactly what your treatment plan is .Yes you are right that most people who have triple negative BC are advised to have chemo but I think it is still very individual and can depend on other factors too.There is a triple negative thread in this part of the forum and also if you have chemo chemotherapy monthly threads where you will get loads of support from people going through treatment at the same time .I will post you a couple of links .Jill x

Hi FiCa, Sorry you find yourself here but glad you’ve found us.  Its a difficult time to start with and we understand the anxiety you are going through so offload here as much as you need to.  I had chemo, 8 rounds, and people get through chemo successfully all of the time so try not to worry too much at this stage.  Just try and focus on one step at a time and try and distract your mind with things you enjoy whilst you are waiting to find out the next stage in your treatment plan.  Sending hugs. xxx