First radiotherapy treatments


I had my first treatments yesterday, and it took over 45 minutes. It wasn’t the preliminary CT scan, as had that a little while ago, along with the tattoos. The radiographers spent a long time yesterday adjusting me to the absolute correct position, obviously down to the millimetre their words), as to ensure they didn’t go over the left area, where’s  I’d had radiotherapy in the past. The area being treated now is quite large, My tumour was 97mm and at the posterior position. The angle was just so, and quite tight, my elbow almost touching the side of the machine.

Just wondered why it is they do the front and the back. I will ask them today if I can remember. Is it obvious and I’m just not thinking properly?

Hello @sharlea  

I have now finished my radiotherapy but on a couple of occasions my appointment ran late and the radiographers were very apologetic explaining that they had treated a couple of patients for the first time and appointments can take longer at the start. 
My treatment consisted of “blasts” if that’s the right word? From both sides and I recall my oncologist explaining that one was directed across my breast bone (and the possible side effects therefore) the exact reason I’m not really sure! However I found all the radiographers I saw to be really lovely and engaging and I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions you have. 
I hope the rest of your sessions go well (and a little quicker!)

AM xxx