First round of fec

Yesterday first fec felt time till midnight (had taken anti sickness tablet) vomited on and off from midnight till about nine with small amounts of sleep. I tried to take a tablet this morning ondansetron which promptly came straight back up with earlier eaten toast! While this has been going on I’m seriously thinking I don’t want 2-6 session. I’m sure I’m not the first.

Hi Pb42. You probably need your sickness meds changing. I would ring your unit. Were you given Emend as well. Best wishes

Thanks. Rang unit she advised to just take metoclopramide.

Hi there Pb42 - i agree with DiKat - you need to let your chemo unit know.  I’m a week on from my second session of FEC and I was told that side effects are difficult to avoid but they shouldn’t be completely and utterly terrible.  So - if you have a bit of sickness or a bit of diarrhoea then that isn’t anything to worry about too much but if you keep being sick or keep having diarrhoea then to let them know as they may well be able to give you something to control it.

Big hugs x 

ask for emend in addition to ondansetron. It’s very expensive, but is excellent.

Thank you. Feel sickness eased off. No diarrhoea but I did try a 48hr fast before unsure if this helped or not. Other than earlier sickness feel fine a bit tired.

I will ask next time. Is this the one don’t give out unless asked for? Do you find it helps for less side affects of sickness?

Thank you. Im hoping next be easier. I will look at Jan threads thanks

Phone your team and they will get you sorted. You don’t need to put up with that sickness. There are different anti sickness drugs that may be more effective. Call them! Hope you feel better xx