First session tomorrow

Hi all I’ve to get my first radiotherapy session tomorrow, i would be lying if I said I’m not overly nervous … any advice or reassurance would be so appreciated xx also one of my little tattoo dots has completely vanished anyone had that happen? X

Hi Fee

Please don’t worry about radiotherapy, there is nothing to be nervous about.

The procedure is painless and relatively short. The staff are always professional and sensitive to your situation. The hardest part for me was keeping my arms in the right position because my shoulders aren’t great.

You may find that you are abit sleepy afterwards. Drink plenty of water and use the e45 each day. You’re soon get into the routine of it. I strangely looked forward to it because it meant I was doing something positive.

It may be a good idea to join the July rads thread and then you can chat to ladies also going through it at the same time as yourself.

Best wishes xx

Hiyer Fee,  Not heard of a dot vanishing lol (lots of people hope for that after rt however)…but don’t worry that is something they will spot (ha ha… like it!) immediately. They can’t do the rt without it, so it will be sorted. I don’t know if this means they will remeasure you up or not like on the planning session, as I’ve not heard of that happening, but I guess you’ll find out tomorrow.

As for rt itself, of course everybody differs with how they feel about it…I freaked a bit in the first one as nothing in life really prepares you for the odd experience. The reason I freaked was because nobody told me that an alarm goes off as they leave the room and before the machine starts up. I thought something was like, err, about to explode lol It is rather strange being left on your own and having the machine move around you, staying perfectly still yourself, but you literally don’t feel a thing during treatment.I wish somebody had explained to me each and every movement the machine would make, e.g. first it will rotate this side for x seconds, then it will slowly rotate to below your shoulder for another x seconds. It will make a noise when it is applying the treatment. Actually, thinking back on it, it was the odd noises that worried me and nobody told me about because they did tell me the movements it would make, after a few treatments though they become entirely routine! Don’t worry, even though you are left alone, the team will be watching you and monitoring all the treatment from a room next door.

The rt itself is usually really quick after the first one and you get the hang of letting them move you around and feel more relaxed yourself. Of course, everybody’s skin reacts differently too,which usually starts after a week or so…but…it really isn’t that bad for most people who have some pinkness and hotness. The staff will keep a good eye on any changes and advise you as you go along.

I, and I know others, have actually rather enjoyed the experience! Not of the rt itself and the effects, but meeting up with the team each day, having a chat, seeing others there waiting and having a chat to them. I had a right laugh there actually, and found the medical process very interesting…besides it really felt like I was getting on with the treatment plan after a few weeks of waiting after surgery. Basically, I didn’t find it a trial at all, but I was lucky in that it wasn’t too far away and there was no waiting…the machine was never broken and no delays happened. It gets a bit tiresome at the end, where you think ‘ok, I’ve had enough of this now’ as you are tied to the daily visits…but its soon over.

I had my rt in June 2016 and car a slightly enlarged booby that side, and browner skin, and loss of hair under that armpit…there are no problems.

Also Fee, please remember if you read threads about people who have had horrible skin reactions after rt…that is quite rare…and there are treatments for it anyway!


Some people do feel tired towards the end of treatment and afterwards, partially the rt itself, partially having one somewhat uncomfortable boob, and partially the daily grind and emotional impact of the run of sessions. I wasn’t too bad though, and drove myself there and back to all sessions. Some people work through the whole lot too ! Is there anything else about it worrying you that we can help with ?

Thank you Sue xx I just posted in the new July thread xx I guess I’m just scared again … it seems to come and go! I feel fine then the gremlins creep in and remind me of everything xx

Aww charys thank you so much xxxx I’m scared of it all to be honest, I guess I’m worried about the tiredness too as I’ve got 2 kids 13 and 6 and although everyone has offered to help I’m still mum and need to be able to do what mum does … does that make sense? The little tattoo has completely gone on the side of the breast to be treated the centre one and the guide one on the right side are clearly visible. I guess I’m just worried about the unknown as we all are x I phoned last week to speak to nurse because my breast has changed so much since the operation, all dimpled and sucked in above the scar but they said it will be scar tissue it’s just so lumpy but the way it’s all sucked in worried me. I know these are all worries that everyone has so I try to talk myself into “be rational” mode again xx

Sorry for the delay in replying my mum popped in to check on me lol xxx my appointment is at 10.30 am at the beatson in Glasgow, I’m guessing they will sort it tomorrow as it’s too late for me to call now. Thank you for the advice sue and charys I really appreciate it xxx I will post tomorrow and let you know how I get on Xxx

Good luck for tomorrow Fee.  I start mine on the 17th and feel a bit nervous about it too.  Wise words from othes on here :slight_smile: Let us know how you get on xx

Thank you MandR and MoodyBlue I’ll let you know how I get on xxx

Hi ladies,


Just wanted to wish you all well with your radiotherapy and please try not to worry.


The procedure is painless and very quick, it takes longer to get you into the right position (with the aid of your new tattoos!), than it does to deliver the treatment. I had 15 sessions (one on my birthday!), in February and felt fine throughout. I would advise you to drink plenty of water and also to rest when you can. I found the travelling tiring as I got towards the end. The radiographers will check your skin at each appointment and will advise about moisturizing, each hospital seems to differ in their advice, but you will get to know your team well so just ask if you’re unsure about anything.


Love & light

Donna xx

Thank you runningmum xx

Good luck to all the new starters. I’m half way through week 2 and so far ok apart from a bit weary from the driving back and forth to the hospital. The zapping process has been very straightforward for me and there’s not too much shoogling about to find the right place on the bed. I’ve been moisturising like mad hoping that protects me from the burn effect.

Take things one chunk at a time and be as kind to yourselves as you can,


All the best



Thank you Lin xx

just home from my first session theyfound my little dot lol I’ve now gotpermenant pen dots … only 18 more to go xx

Good luck to others beginning treatment also xx




How did you first session go? Hopefully you are more comfortable with what is going to happen xxx

Lady bowler it went ok thank you x took a bit of time getting lined up finding the dots etc but was ok had a few trial runs because of the holding breath thing I have to do to tuck my heart slightly out the way. Feel better knowing the process etc it’s just still a bit daunting to think I have 18 more to go … trying not to worry about side effects until they start but it’s not easy xxx

Hi Charys

I’m so sorry I didn’t see your message … yes it was there just teeny lol although they do pen me in once I’m there also. Yes I have 4 booster sessions to get at the end. Have you to get them too?

Fee xx


Today went ok (day 3) I revisited gp about this pain in my upper back (opposite side) of the affected breast and she’s concerned that the pain has been there almost a year and not gone so she wants a bone scan done to see what’s going on … worried sick now :frowning:

Yeah I keep telling myself that but I guess I’m a bit annoyed as I’ve been trying to get this pain taken seriously since August last year, I had a chest X-ray that showed a shadow, then they didCT scan which they found I had COPD none of these tests however even showed the breast cancer. The pain was put down to muscoskeletal or a word like that and in the meantime I’ve been given numerous painkillers but the pain has become significantly worse. I don’t know if the breast MRI would have shown anything apart from the breast area. The pain is below my shoulder blade sort of between there and my spine. I’ve felt really sick since yesterday dunno if it’s the radiotherapy that’s upset my stomach or not. I’ve only had 3 sessions but woke up today with what looks like 3 dented in looking stretch marks on my breast … I’ll ask them about it on Monday.

Hope you are well xx


Fee, I can’t answer your questions but I am sending you a gentle hug. Hang in there and do something nice for yourself today, however small. Xx

Thank you MandR xxxx