First TAX tomorrow, don't want to go - fed up of it all!

Ggrrrrhhh…Hi guys again.
Don’t want to go tomorrow, go my first of three TAX and the thought of getting in that car and travelling to the hospital makes me feel yuk!
I feel i have had enough, sick of wearing a stupid wig, it makes my head itch, hate scarfs and hate my bald head even more!
Want my breast back NOW and do not want to set foot in another hot busy hospital again ever!

Okay rant over…sorry for the negative post…
Hopefully it won’t be too bad!

All the best to you all.

Naz x

Naz, it will all soon be a distant memory - believe me. I had my last tax on 16th Nov 09 and it really is a distant memory! Take a deep breath, get in there girl, have the chemo and take all the drugs and the next few weeks will fly by. I remember feeling exactly as you did. I had just had enough. But, I thought to myself let’s just get on with it and kill this cancer once and for all.
On a positive note, my hair grew great guns when I stopped the FEC and started the TAX (much kinder on hair). I now have a good covering and am hoping for 1st haircut on Thurs!

Big hugs for tomorrow.

Thanks Jayney, i feel i could hug you for that post!

Okay, deep breath, get in there and do the business right?

A haircut, gosh, i can’t wait for that i can tell you - wahooh!

Naz x

Yep, deep breath, lots of positive thoughts, think of the chemo as medicine that will make you better… You’re gonna kick this cancer once and for all and the chemo is gonna kill anything in its track.

Big hugs, and I think once you know what to expect from the TAX it will be a lot less scary! Some people fair a lot better on TAX and remember the SEs are not the same for everyone. If I can help any more, just PM me.

I will be thinkin of you tomorrow whilst I’m being cooked!

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks Jayney, trying hard to keep upbeat and all of that!

I take it you are having rads tomorrow? That will be me after chemo…oh joy!

I will be thinking of you too…thanks for your support, this site is a life line!

Naz x

Hi Naz
Know how you feel on this one, I have my last Taxol next wednesday and I have just about had enough, i’am sick of not feeling well, and just want my life back, i keep crying cause I hate not being in control,and feel angry and resentful, but I know we have to move forward and get it out the way, I wish you luck and like me you will find the strengh.

good luck ann x

Thanks Ann…i also feel angry and resentful right now, i was doing okay until now…i know i also have to move forward and complete the journey, but it is hard…

Best wishes and strength to you too…
Naz x

Naz, hope tax goes ok for you, as Janey says it will all be a distant memory soon i had my last tax 29th Sept. I too can remember that feeling of I dont want to do this anymore, but we do and we get through it!
A friend told me to think of chemo as my friend or to picture it going in and killing the b****r!
Hope you don’t get bad SE
love Debs xxx

Hi Naz
I felt just like you 3 weeks ago when I had my first TAx. The actual treatment was much easier than FEC although the side effects kicked in about three days later, when I felt tired and had a horrid taste in my mouth. It will go quickly and you will get through it. I can’t believe that Iam having my second TAX tomorrow and then only one more to go.
I went to a Look Good Feel Better workshop yesterday and it was a great moral booster. I came away with a lovely makeover a big bag of goodies and met some really lovely ladies- some much worse off than me.
Try and get along to one -it will do you the world of good.
I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow when I am having my treatment.
GOOD LUCK- you will come through a much stronger person

Hi Naz

think of tomorrow as 1 down only 2 to go, you’ll get there and before you know it you’ll be looking back at a distant memory.
When I was on Tax, they were not too bad, couple days after treatment I’d feel like my legs were really heavy but didn’t last long, also had horrible mouth, after 3 I couldn’t taste much.

Good luck

Sharon x

Hi Naz

Will be thinking of you tomorrow - got my 4th FEC tomorrow and like you do not want to go. An Uncle of mine who had to have chemo told me he found the 4th chemo the most difficult as well. Have you got someone to go with??

My liver results have come back normal this time so will be getting full FEC this time and like you - Yuk Yuk Yuk :frowning:

Good luck with your Tax and keep in mind that in 6 weeks we will be having the last one and be finished with chemo - its not long now and I think I can hack any SE’s on that knowledge:)

Leigh xx

Hey Naz
I hope today went OK. I have now had two Tax, and although the first one did set me back a bit (had a few days off work for that one), this second one wasn’t so bad. Tired from Day 3 to 4, but back at work (although at a slow speed) by day 5.

Funny tasting mouth hasn’t happened as much this second time, nor has broken blood vessels in the nose. Had some aches and pains in my legs and kidneys, but not enough to stop me, just enough to get the odd huff, puff and an ‘Ooufff’ from me. Some slight indigestion happening as well, but that might be due to craving carbs and naughty food which is just not good for me!!!

Thinking of you. I have only 2 more to go and it feels fantastic!!! So nearly there!!!

Flora xxx

Hi Naz, hang in there, it really is worth it.
I had quite a bad reaction to my second FEC and seriously considered not having any more.
But I persevered and I am now day 8 post my LAST Tax. Woo hoo!!!
I am just beginning to feel human again and have rads planning on Monday.
The time looking back seems to have passed really quickly and I’m sure it will for you too.
Good luck with the rest of your treatment.
Take care, love and hugs. Debbie. xx

Morning all!

Well i made it yesterday - thankgod! Took four attempts to get blood as veins are hanging by a thread now!
It wasn’t as bad as i thought (again!) - felt a little queasy on the way home, but NO NAUSEA (YET!) WAHOOOOOOOO! Long may it last too!
So fingers crossed that i will be okay, two more to do, then rads talk on the 2nd March.

Flora - Glad tax is being okay with you so far…funny the carbs craving, i have that already (not good for my waist line at all)…currently craving some of that vegegie bacon??? Don’t ask!
Two more to go…fantastic, you are doing good!

Debbie - So glad you have persevered - well done you! You are right in that the time does fly by, i can’t believe i have had 4/6 already, doesn’t seem real somehow!

Hi to all yoo other lovely people on here, Cleesy, good to hear from you, glad liver results are okay, my OH takes me to the hospital, but then he leaves me after bloods, i am fine with that as he is not a hospital lover (well neither am i!) but i like to potter about until it’s time for my turn.

Right, off to read last Sunday’s paper (kids are at my parents…hooray,(peace until Sunday anyway!)

Bye for now.
Naz x

Glad that everything went ok Naz and hope that you are enjoying the rest before the kiddies come home.



Like all of you, I’m sick and tired of chemo. Had 2nd tax last week and has been kinder than the 1st. Just one more to go! I too am having hair regrowth, tho my eyebrows now falling out! Cant wait for this to be over. Just being fried to look forward to!

Julia xx

Hi Julia, glad the second tax is better than the first for you…
I am so glad i don’t feel nauseous, but my tummy feels a little queasy though!
My eyebrows and lashes survuved FEC, but am not sure if TAX will finish them off, is this common?

Roll on when it’s all over for good!
Take care of yourself!
Naz x

p.s Louise…i am so enjoyig the rest, first one since this all kicked off and it is BLISS! XX

Well done Naz - you go girl - YOU CAN DO IT. With regard to lashes and brows, mine thinned a lot on Tax, but didn’t lose them all and hair really started to sprout. Just remember, it is only for a few short weeks, it will soon pass. Rest up and listen to your body, drink lots. Hope you all have good weeekends, much love

Thanks Jayney!
Had a right lazy day today…done precious little, BLISS!

Feeling tired, but not sick which is so good!

Kids home tomorrow, so time to make the most of the peace and quiet me thinks!

Really really want my hair back, as it is so cold at the mo!

Okay, off to cook a paella and chill again…

Love to you all.
Naz x