First time having TC chemo and it had to be halted


I am new to this forum. I have had lumpectomy for bc and last week I got my 1st chemo session which was the TC kind. I got on OK with the dosage of cyclophosphamide but within minutes of me getting the infusion of docetaxel I took a reaction. I was short of breath, very wheezy and the back pain and spasms I felt were really sore. My infusion got stopped and after observing me I was sent home. However I am now left wondering what happens next? My cancer nurse waant available to speak too and my oncologist wasn’t on site either. I am now seriously considering not putting myself through this again. I have already been told my lumpectomy went well and my lymph nodes were clear. I was told the chemo followed by radio was for preventative measures. Has anyone else been in this situation and what was the outcome for you? Did treatment stop, change etc

Any advice would be appreciated

Hi hopeoverfear Sorry your team have not spoken to you about your reaction. Please be assured it can and does happen not to everyone and sometimes at different stages of treatments, your team will have seen it all before. It is and you are like, don’t fancy that again, but your team will be able to alter your treatments plan, others on here have switched to abraxane an alternative to t, but your team will Taylor your treatments specified you, it is not a once size fits all. Please do ring the nurses on here :two_women_holding_hands: they will be able to discuss everything with you that you want to ask :two_women_holding_hands: hope this helps :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx


Ive just posted something similar. I had a reaction to docetaxal yesterday and it was stopped. They said they’d normally resume it but said they’d definitely nit resume and have booked me in to try again next week. I’m not keen to say the least! I’m pre surgery with radiotherapy to follow. Also started herceptin and perjeta injections yesterday.