first time oncologist today

hi everyone  seeing the oncologist for the first time today .im terrified .i had good results from surgery clear margins and nodes so why do i feel such a nervous wreck .i have been told i will be having radiatherapy and hormone tablets so i know what my treatment will be .i just cannot get my head around this ,i have always been a strong person and faced everything head on but since being diagnosed i have become quite withdrawn into myself .i have an appointment with talking therapy tomorrow .

Hi Missy

It’s perfectly understandable that you feel anxious at this time. You will still be coming to terms with your diagnosis and your body will be recovering from surgery. But the good news is that your surgery was very successful. Also there is no need for chemo. Radiotherapy is very doable. You can join the radiotherapy section on here and talk to people going through the same as you. I was where you are about a year ago. Right now its probably all you can think about. But you will get through this and feel like yourself again.

Best wishes xx

Hi Missy, perhaps it’s the relief that you are on your way? No chemo is great news, right? Radiotherapy is fatigueing but doable , and it’s not surprising you feel emotional. You’ve done great, and just a bit more then you join the survivors club. It’s a real roller coaster ride that you’ve been on, and to be near the end must seem unreal. Talking therapy will be so helpful for you, I think. Help you to rationalise and come to terms with the last few months. After all, up until now you have lost all power, it has been in the hands of others, which is difficult when you are an independent person. Sending you a big big hug, and all the best for your next stage of treatment. X

Hi! I had my first oncology appointment today,  I was also very worried.  Glad you are feeling more positive now.  Mine was really helpful and I was in there for what felt like ages! I am also having rads and tamoxifen.  I was given the tamoxifen today,  so not looking forward to tomorrow morning!  


Did you get any dates when you expect to start rads?


I started letrozole 3 weeks ago and so far so good just the odd hot flush! x