First time post

I was diagnosed in June, had a lumpectomy and I am now waiting for radiotherapy to start.  It’s great that treatment is happening so fast.  My emotions have been left behind, though, and I’m struggling to keep up.  I’m single and have a daughter - who knows what’s happening.  She has seen me cry, but I don’t want her to see how I really feel inside because I don’t want her to feel it too.  My consultant has assured me that radiotherapy will zap the other few lumps that my MRI showed up and will reduce the risk of recurrence, but I’m still scared.  I feel like I can’t tell my parents about these fears.  I hope one of you will understand?

Hi Claire, how you describe the speed of the treatment, leaving you behind emotionally, really strikes a cord with me. It’s been the hardest for me, and I don’t have a child to ‘shield’ from the pain of it. Of course you’re scared, I’ve never experienced fear like it. Rads are not so bad once you get started and get used to it and the staff are fantastic.Assume they’ll start you 8 weeks after your op, prob around Sept. So it’s a good time to gradually try to take stock of what’s happened as with luck you’ll get a break from the endless hospital trips, you have no doubt made. Hope you are managing to eat, sleep and relax some times. I know it’s far from easy when your mind is in turmoil and you are in effect, in shock. Sounds very much like you are going to be OK, based on the treatment plan you’ve described. I’m about a month ahead of you, diagnosed 6th May. Post again if it helps to chat. Hugs Wonky.

Dont worry dear. You will be fine soon. Keeping touch with regular follow up aftr treatments. You have a hope you have to live for your daughter. So be courage. There are so many people out there who have totally cured after treatment. Good luck?