Fish Oils (Omega-3)

​Hi All,
I have a question about Fish Oil (Omega-3) supplements. I just recently started to take one capsule a day in the last 12 days. I found that after reading the label there was soy and vitamin E also in the capsule. So, I began to search online and found that the majority of fish oils have both soy and vitamin E or at least soy. Is that combination okay when taking arimidex or for those taking tamoxifen? Does anyone have a recommendations or informative I may be missing.

I’ve only just read your post, have you looked into Krill Oil? I take one made by Life Flo and I don’t think it contains soy, you can read about it on, their pharmacist has written an article about it. Kxx

Hey Kate21,
Thanks for the reply. I have since found a brand at Costco which is soy-free as well as vitamin E free. It was reasonably priced and contained 400 capsules?
Thanks again and I pray all is well with you.