Fishing For Life

The Men’s VMU recently had Gillian from Fishing for Life come along to one of our meetings to talk about her organisation and she is a fantastic lady who does a lot for folks who have had breast cancer.
“Fishing has been proven to help build up muscle and tissue after treatment. The members don’t just learn a new hobby but build up friendships with like minded people and being by water helps peoples wellbeing.”

“‘Fishing for Life’ is an organization which provides free fly-fishing sessions for people who all have one thing in common – breast cancer. Meetings are held every month at lakes over the South West, Greater Manchester, Gloucester/Worcester, Dorset and Berkshire where the scenery is beautiful all the year round. At these sessions members are able to learn to fly fish under the supervision of qualified coaches.”

If enough people from elsewhere are interested then hopefully this can expand to other areas . Me and a couple of other people are hoping we can get one in the Kent area

If you are interested then email Gillian


Great post Plumarade, what a great opportunity for people to learn fly fishing :heart: and great you’ve included contact details so forum users can make contact to do so :heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx