five years on .....Help

I am almost five years on and had an LD recon and an implant and uplift to my remaining breast .
This has now become very itchy and enlarged , if it is BC how will i know as I cant feel anything other than the implant
also do you automatically get an onc appointment after five years

Please help Mazaroo

Mostly I am answering to try to get you on the radar. But my advice, for what it’s worth: why not phone your g.p and ask for a referral to your hospital’s breast unit, or, if you’d rather, phone your BCN if you have one. If you have a number for your Onc. your might call and talk to his/her secretary and ask for an appointment, you should still be on the books, I would think.

this is my biggest fear of having a recon…how would I know if anything else was occuring…or reoccuring as it were…if I were you…I would phone my onc…or if you have been discharged…phone anyway and get some advice from the horses mouth as it were…rather than messing about…go straight to the top…best wishes and hope it’s nothing at all…

Thanks guys have called got an appointment tomorrow … my five years is not up till Jan havent been discharged just hope its not a case of here we go again xxxx