five years on

is there anyone else out there who feel the same as me…
my body is tired now as i have been on the go for 5 years,

Kazmart, i;m not sure what you mean, but you sound so very sad, if i can help you in anyway on here then i will, as will others

lots of love

Alison xxx

Thank you alison
i suppose it does sound sad… i am just having a down day today.
I was given the all clear on wednesday which most people would say great, but after 5 years i just feel so tired… the doctor gave me prozac and signed me of work for 3 months but now i am back and do not really want to be there, my friend said to leave work and go on disabilty benefit but i am unsure if i can get this. am i normal does anyone esle feel this way

Hi Kazmart, some days i don’t even want to face anyone, and i only got diagnosed on the 6th of june this year, but yes, i do think your normal to feel as you do, you’ve had five years of people looking after your health, where are they now? its as if you’ve been told to get back on your feet and just get on with it, they don’t always realise what this does to our minds, and if your anything like me, well, i was always a rather private person, and very independent, i feel like all control is gone, and yes i’ll be honest, i dread the day that they say, your ok now, off you go, because i think in my mind, that i won’t be checked properly anymore, silly i know, but then its not silly at all.

lots of love

Alison xxx

hi kazmart,
sorry you feel so down, i do agree with what Alison has said.
i am 3.5 yrs from DX and in may went to yearly check ups…instead of feeling elated i was scared, even though i’ll have a mammogram in january and i know i only have to ring BCN if i’m concerned about anything…so can kind of understand how your feeling…its not easy .

karen x

Hi Kazmart

I just wanted to reassure you that what you are feeling is not unusual. The feelings and symptoms you have are mentioned in a Breast Cancer Care booklet, ‘after treatment has finished’. You might find find some of the information in this useful at this time (I’ve put the link below).

Best wishes


Breast Cancer Care