Fixed, hard painless lump with irregular edges :-(

Hello All,

I found a small painless lump nearly 2 weeks ago, it is fixed, hard and has irregular edges :frowning:

Went to GP after a few days of trying to deny its existence, got referred to breast clinic and will have my appointment this week, 12 days after seeing GP.

I am really scared, I know that 80-90% of breast lumps are benign but what I really need to know is - what percentage of breast lumps that are fixed, hard and have irregular edges are benign?

I keep telling myself I am fine, I don’t feel ill, have no family history of BC, am only 33. But given the features of this lump, deep down I am expecting the worst.

I haven’t been able to really talk much about this, have told four very close people but no one else.

Hope you ladies can give me some idea, I really need to know the likelihood!

First of all welcome and sorry that you have found your way to these forums.
The emotions you are experiencing are completely normal. It is a very worrying time. There is nothing that will take that fear away except finding out the answer.
It is impossible to say without tests if a lump is benign or cancerous. Mine was smooth and oval shaped. Everyone’s lump is unique to them. I think you have given yourself your own answer though in saying that most lumps turn out to be benign.
We have had a few ladies on her recently who have been in the same position as you and have been able to come back and report that they had a cyst or some other benign feature.
You did absolutley the right thing by going to your GP. Fingers crossed that all your fears disappear after you are seen in the breast clinic.
Good luck,
Cherry xx

Hello glad you came on here and firstly well done in going to the GP as you say its easy to deny any changes to your breast and by accepting that there is ‘something’ and done something about it is very positive. The waiting for appt is the worst -once you that date you can focus on that and move forward. As you have read 90% of referrals to a breast clinics are not cancer - but as you have come to a cancer support site you will find that the majority of the people on here have had a cancer diagnosis so it is not in that proportion.
I was diagnosed in 2010 and have used this site for support since then and seen many posts like yours from ladies who have a ‘lump’ and are very worried and when they get their appt they are found to be benign cysts or even just lumpy breasts. Obviously I can’t tell you the liklehood of your lump being cancer - but the stats are on your side and you have done the right thing and I am pleased that your GP took your worries seriously too - many ladies of your age have trouble getting past the GP and getting a referral.

The waiting is the worse , hope you get a date soon and please let us know how you get. take care xxx


Waiting is the WORST and it’s natural to want to know sooner and want to know the likelihood of it being cancer - but until you see the specialist and (if needed) have scans and a biopsy I’m afraid there are no answers.

I’m afraid it’s just a case of waiting and I have no tips on how to count as I was a mess!! I would just try to keep busy! Not too, too long to wait now!! Although I know how time drags when waiting…

Hopefully you will be fine but IF it is bad news, this is a really supportive site. There are quite a few of us young 'uns on here in our late 20s and early 30s.

Hope you manage to entertain yourself until your appointment and that you get good news.


Thanks ladies, it’s nice to hear reassurance that it was the right thing to go to GP, I know that it was but it’s nice to be reassured. I guess I was worried I was wasting everyone’s time.

GP was absolutely great about it, he didn’t hesitate to do the referral, though I think he had no option really as it is a definite lump that is hard and fixed so from what I can tell whatever age you are they have to refer you to be seen within 2 weeks. He did look quite worried when he said it wasn’t round and the edges were irregular… he also thought it could be attached to the chest muscle! That has scared me, though he was obviously trying not to look worried and to be very matter of fact about it and not alarm me.

I have been trying to keep busy but finding it hard when on my own in the evenings when kids are in bed and their Dad is at work.

I think you are right, waiting is the WORST. Atleast once I know it’s either good news and on with my life or bad news and on with the battle plan.

Hi B33

Welcome to the BCC forums, in addition to the support here our helpliners are on hand to offer you further support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 9-2 Saturdays. I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Worried’ web page link where you will find a publication called ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find helpful:

Take care

Thanks Lucy :slight_smile:

It really, really is… I can completely empathise with you as I was a wreck. I did have some good girlfriends who came and visited me and tried to take my mind off the fear a d ‘what ifs’. So all I can recommend is keeping busy, staying positive and not googling (although presume that’s how you found us…so that was ok!).

Sending understanding squeezy hugs. X

Feeling a lot calmer today as have had a very busy day so not really had any time to think about the lump.

Just got a few more days to get through, am actually glad it is school holidays as got my little monkeys all home to keep me busy the next few days and take my mind off things.

on the whole have been calm today, a few random episodes of tearfulness but other than that got through the day. Just feeling so so tired, guess it is the disturbed sleep :frowning:

Hi B33,

Just wanted to say that I will be thinking of you today, hope you get a good result from your appt, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Yvonne xxx

Unfortunately it didn’t go that well, will have to wait for biopsy results next week to confirm :frowning:

I may well not be around on here between now and then, need to spend time with my kids and think of other things.

Take care everyone.


Hi B33,
Iam sorry to hear your results,
Fingers crossed the lab will have some better news for you soon.
Be thinking of you. Huggs xx