Flab under armpit

I had a mastectomy nearly 3 months ago and I have this flab under my armpit (above the side of my bra). I asked my surgeon about the last time I saw him (about 1.5 months ago) and he said it was just fat. But I don’t have it like that under my other arm.

I can’t decide if it is getting worse or just staying the same. I am a little worried in case it is lympoedema. I have measured my arm using a lymphoedema phone app, and my arm on that side is actually smaller than my good arm - it is my non-dominant so it should be smaller. So I’m relaxed about my arm size.

Does anyone else have flab under their armpit (above side of bra) which is more pronounced on the operated side? I did have seroma, but it got better a while ago.

I am having radiotherapy (chest wall only) at present. Does that increase flab under armpit?


Hi black swan I have similar thing on bad side only had wle and ANC but cut under whole of armpit,its numb but I think there forever. Perhaps just part of your surgery, my surgeon wasn’t concerned, however he’s not the one with it, I can see it more when I stand sideways, am exercising arm but I think it’s now part of my new look me.
i was told by surgeon that radiotherapy makes boob more pert not flabby, so not sure if that would cause the flabby bit, hope you solve this, if you find I any way to improve it please post, take care xx

I had a lump of ‘flab’ around my armpit after my Mx and was told it was the way they sewed me up! I couldn’t have an immediate reconstruction but when I went to see the PS about reconstruction he said that he would sort it out - and he did. I had a diep and as part of the surgery reshaped my boob and did some liposuction on me - Its so much better - so much so that when I had my uplift on my good boob he also did more lipo on the other side to match. I am very pleased with the result.

Hi Black swan. Me too! I had MX and ANC end of MArch. Got a big roll of fat on the side of the ex boob. HAve 1 week of radiotherapy left. I am going to ask about liposuction when healed from the rads. It feels very soft so I reckon is just fat. Looks awful. And is uncomfy. Hurts too if I roll over in bed onto it.
I was way back wanting reconstruction ASAP but can’t face any more surgery! Had seranoma for two months post surgery and would be worried about it coming back.

Hello I was really interested in this thread as I have a lump in exactly the same place as you ladies. My surgeon and GP both said it was fat. I feel it’s Lymphoedema as it changes slightly in size. Some nights my bra is really tight,- then I can go for days and forget about it. It can be really painful when I lie on that side as well. I had mastectomy in 2011 and have had to wear a bra extension ever since even though I’ve been measured accuratly before and after surgery. It gets on my nerves!!!

I had a MX a yeat ago and I too am left with flab under my arm and an extra bit of skin nipple shaped, I used to be 34 c and mow am a 36 c due to this flab under my arm. I do alot of exercise, play tennis twice a week, swim about 4 mies a week and did the great north swim 2 weeks ago in aid of breast cancer, however this does not reduce this flab under the arm, I am thinking about going back to the to see the surgeon to see if anything can be done. I have not put on any weight despie 8 lots of chemo and are still under 9 stone and a size 10, so it is not associated with weight gain. It is nice to know other people have the same problem.

Hello everyone. I had a bilateral Mx on the 10th April and have the same problem, particularly on the right where there is also a little nipple type thingy - probably the same as you have Sam50.
i was seeing the BCN nurse today about something else so I decided to ask her about it and post her reply for you all.
she said that all ladies have a certain amount of fat in that area but when we have boobs it is disguised or not noticeable however when the boobs are removed it is more noticeable and it is very common, she said that they call them ‘dog ears’
my left side is quite neat and she said that it could happen there as well in the future. However I also had full anx clearance in R side so this may be why that side is less tidy. (Her words)… She also said that sometimes it can be the way that it is sewn up.
she did say though that sometimes if it is really bad and bothering you the surgeon can do a small op later on just to tidy it up. Mine is hidden when I wear my bra and prosthesis, but like some of you others it does seem to be bigger some days than others.
hope this info is of use…