flaky, itchy nipple

Can somene shed some light for me please. I have been having an itchy nipple for quite some time over 6 months now and at first I brushed it off as it would come and go, when it itched it itched and was never satisfied, then would hurt and white lightning pain behind the nipple would have me in tears. I have tried many lotions, potions, creams and herbal things like evening primrose oil, and vitamin d for defficency, but nothing is getting it better. I am worried needless to say. my ultra sound scan was clear which I was relieved at but the itching is worsening and the pain is unbareable at times. I am having to pinch myself to stop me from scratching. I am awaiting an apointment with a dermatologist. I have done the usual with new bra’s, washing powder, soap, ggels, deoderants etc. I don’t know what else I can do. My blood test mentioned something with my gland to my thyroid which was elevated, it is working overtime to make sure I have enough thyroid things going through my system which really is making me tired that and low vitamin D. Can anyone shed some light for me please? Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

I have my appointment through for dermatology and wondered what will happen now?

Sorry that you have not had any replies yet Jenna1330. Have you been to see your GP about it? That would be the first step to seeing if you needed to be referrred to the Breast Section of your local hospital. They say ANY changes in your breast should be checked out. Perhas someone will reply to you from here soon. But keep in touch on here if you need a freindly ear. It can be so worrying and you can feel so alone. But you are not alone on here. Wishing you all the best. You didn’t say when your appintment was. Val

Thank you scottishass for replying I took it as the webpage wasn’t working that is why no response to my post. I have seen the gp on many occcasions who now have me down as neurotic! I have had an ultra sound and because that came back fine the breast clinic said “there is nothing we can do for you here” My appointment is for Wednesday of next week. I started off with thrush cream at home because that is what I thought it was. I always try and self treat before I go to the doctor because for a pain they tell you to try pain relief etc so thought wi try and ease the itch at home. Long story short been on everything and the doctor thinks it’s in my head and when I mentioned pagets I got “i’ve seen it on a 60 year old woman and you don’t have it” So to have a fresh pair of eyes so to speak on the situation might help. I have already had a second opinion from the doctors and again neurotic. When I am looking in the garden store for the foot things to wipe your boots on that is prickly just so I can take home to itch my nipple I know things aren’t right . I am feeling pretty alone, scared and frightened and shaking so much as I am not sure what to do or what to expect as I have been brushed off by 2 gp’s and a breast nurse

Hello again Jenna, I think as you have already been to see the breast nurse that you need to wait to see what the dermatologist thinks. It may be something that is easily rectified. I know you have tried to deal with this yourself but I would leave well alone if you can so that the clinic can see exactly how it looks without any creams. I know it is difficult for you and our heads can run away ahead of ourselves. But you are not neurotic. You know your own body and the syptoms sound most uncomfortable. But I am no nurse, just a listening ear. They may put a sticky strip on the nipple to send off for the technicians to have a closer look under a microscope to see if they can identify what it is that is causing the itch. Then they wil be able to get the correct treatment for you which should help to sort out the problem once and for all. Have you tried Piriton or one of those wee tablets you can buy over the counter to deal with the itch? Remember I am no expert and am just trying to help you get through this rocky path. Keep me posted and I will look out for your replies. Val

Hi Val, how are you doing today? I did reply but I think the server went down before it went on. If I can recall I mentioned. I had a cotton bud swab to see if anything gre like thrush or scabbies etc and it all came back normal, nothing grew. I have been on medication from my gp anti biotics tablets & cream, steroid cream, anti fungal cream and tablets, piriton cream and tablets, hydrocortizone cream 2% pain meds which don’t work I get the same pain when I take them than when I don’t. I am taking evening primrose oil, and vitamin d. I have spent a fortune on new bra’s organic cotton non underwired, non padded, and even nothing on hanging loose so to speak. I don’t use soap or gel makes me sound a bit of a minger :confused: The doctor has exhausted all posibilities and I feel the worse but I hope it will be something so silly that the doctor will hit her head on the desk and think “why didn’t I think of that” lol. either way waiting on these tests and this time is like being on trial and I start to think of all the bad things I have done nad self blame I know it is all natural and am on tablets for self relaxing. here is hoping for some answers. I have n one to go with and am bricking myself a 4 story high house and I feel I am going to et more uptight as the time gets closer to my appointment. I did however help the children at school today with planting some lavender and bedding plants :slight_smile: Did you do much today? I can’t thank you enough for being there and just listening means the world to me and is keeping me calm :slight_smile:

Hi Jenna1330
Welcome to the Breast cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good support from the many informed users of this site. I’m sorry you’ve not had many replies but scottishlass has helped us all out here while we’re having problems with our new forums, for which we apologise.
Could I suggest that you give the helpline team here a ring for that added extra support, calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2.
Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Thank you Jo and yes scottishlass has been a support that you would not believe for me, thank you. I went to bed with no pain last night wondering if my worries are all in my head and then I woke up and am suffering today somewhat with pain and disscomfort which the painkilllers seem not to be working well :frowning: I am feeling really worried about going to my appointment on wed on my own, my mum is having the kids for me and my dad is taking 2 to school and the other one I am hoping to be back for to take to playschool. I have no one to ask and am scared out of my mind, what if I am rude and don’t mean to be, what if I don’t ask the right questions, what if I start going into a nervous breakdown just so much going through my head. it all sounds silly when I re read it all but it is how I feel and I can’t change it apart from deep breaths into a brown bag! I have a day off work today and will take my youngest out for lunch we will catch a bus and the distraction helps me. I can’t even do my religious cross stitch without crying :frowning: I do however wish you a good day :slight_smile:

Good morning Jenna, Not long to go until Wednesday. Look on it as the day that may bring light to all your questions. I am sure it is not all in your head. So when you go to the clinic just imagine that I am sitting there next to you holding your hand. Just try to stay calm and I am sure the nurses/doctor will look after you. If they cannot find anything ask them if they have any other suggestions. It woud be great to get to the bottom of it.
I am finishing round 4 of cmeo today. It is an ongoing chemo as far as I have been told. I have been on it before with great success. But next week I have a week off my tablets and I hope to feel more normal again. I have bone mets but have been having treatment for that for over 13 years now and first had BC 23 years ago. So know all the scary things that can go on in our heads when out thougts can go into overdrive. One day at a time Jenna and you wil get there. Enjoy your children. They grow up so quickly although you may not realise it right now. Take care and have a good weekend. Will look out to see if you have posted again but I am sure you wil be busy doing other things with your kids. Love Val

Hi Jenna, I hope that you manage to have a relatively calm weekend. Sorry I cannot offer any insight into your symptoms, but just wanted to wish you all of the best with your appointment next week - I hope it goes well for you. It’s easy for me to say this but try not to get wound up, start to write down any questions that you think of over the next few days on a writing pad and take this in with you, and write the answers down in your appointment - I have done this when going to appointments on my own - you forget what you wanted to ask, and even if you do, you forget the answer as soon as you’ve come out. Don’t worry about how you are feeling now - it is totally natural and if you need to scream and shout and cry, let yourself do this. I hope you get some answers, and in the meantime, be gentle on yourself. Big hugs, Bev.

Good morning scottishlass I hope you are doing well chemo can really kick your backside so happy thoughts your way :slight_smile: It sounds like you have had you share of poop over the years I am so sorry you have, but if you hadn’t I wouldn’t of come across you so for that I am greatful. I never ever ever ask for help and of just late I am asking for help and no one is available, this is why I never ask. I seem to be there for everyone and bend over backwards to help but when I need it it’s never there. I need to toughen up a little I think. I have decided to go on Wednesday with an open mind and a positive attitude and I know I can do it knowing I have support all the way here, thank you for that. I know I am going to get a solution :slight_smile: that in turn I can’t wait for the apointment :slight_smile:
My children are 14, 7 and 3 and all behave like 14 lol. They are growing up too fast these days and scares me silly, sometimes I feel I want to ban all electrical equipment in the house but I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. My middle one had a sleepover last night and both were up at the crac of daawn, hubby is working nights so they have a cinema showing older films for £1 so will take them there and pizza hut for lunch afterwards if they are hungry after the popcorn, I can sleep while they eat haha.
Beverlie thank you so much for the well wishes I really am looking forward to the apointment because I know eventually I shall get a solution and I am not fussed which one it is I just want to get it all sorted. I am feeling positive today. I hope you both have a great weekend. Please let me know hwo you are doing today Val if you are online :slight_smile: (((hugs))) Jenna

It’s a late one and I am up with burning breast sore under arm and trying not to itch it, pain relief well I might as well drink water for the use it is and muscle relaxants are stopping me from cying becuase I feel I can’t be bothered. Not a good evening so far :frowning: My hubby is working nights and am feeling so alone right now.

Hi Jenna I did write you a long post yesterday (before our last message) but it has not appeared on the thread at all. Blame BCC new website for that.
Sorry you didn’t have a good evening last night. I went to bed early and read until the wee small hours…4am!
It was a great book!
Will be thinking about you on Wenesday when you go to the sking clinic. Cannot come soon enough for you I would imagine!
Cloudy, rain threatening, stong breeze blowing here. But will need to get out of the house for some fresh air.
Just to say I am thinking about you and sorry I wasn’t on line last night when you were on your own. Take care, Val

Hi Val, I did that too with a long post and forgot what I wrote but the site is doing it’s best :confused: What books do you like? I am a avid twilight fan and read all 4 books in 2 weeks, and I like Edward lee he is an american writer. I struggle to find a book that has me so engrossed these days.
I asked a friend from church if they were able to come with me on wed and she will hopefully be able to come. I felt awful as I was asking her she was telling me about all the trouble she has had and felt and told her I didn’t want to add to her burden. She was so polite and friendly I had a tear in my eye.
We have glorious sunshine today a tad windy but managed to get the weekly shopping done with help from my eldest as shopping drains me totally zip zap energy gone and I am now rendered useless.
I am looking forward to wed even though I know I might have to wait some more time for tests or to try some other form of cream or tablets I feel so positive and so supported by this room, and yourself. I can’t thank you enough for your time and understanding :slight_smile: I shall keep you posted. ih ope you are having a good day today :slight_smile:

I am going to the doctors today, my armpit has been sore over the weekend and burning and I think I have a lump, itching too so maybe a touch of thrush. but the smell of my armpit is like raw onion and ogre belch ( whatever that smells of ) but can’t put my finger on it I just smell lol. Will let you know what is what :slight_smile: Have a happy Monday :slight_smile:

It has taken me all day to calm down, the doctor didn’t even examin me he looked and said I have thrush under my arm, didn’t feel for alump or anything. I asked him if he was going to examine me he told me to use the cream but for no longer than 1 week. I will of course use the cream but crying out loud some gp’s should really be working in McDonalds. ( no offence meant for those who work in McDonalds) I am sorting through a list to compose to my dermatologist. Can anyone help me provide as much input as possible. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry don’t know how I can help you here. I suggest you phone the BCC helpline tomorrow and have a chat about it. Perhaps someone who has has a similar problem will come along. Sorry not much help I know. Val

All prepared and sorted for the dermatology department tomorrow I am now really really anxious and feel panic attacks coming on, I know I am being stupid but I can’t help it :frowning: I am a nervous wreck. Will post tomorrow what the outcome is. Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

All prepared and sorted for the dermatology department tomorrow I am now really really anxious and feel panic attacks coming on, I know I am being stupid but I can’t help it :frowning: I am a nervous wreck. Will post tomorrow what the outcome is. Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Have not abandoned you Jenna. Wishing you all the best with the dematologist tomorrow. Fingers crossed he wil be able to help. Not long now. Sleep well and let us know how you get on. Val