Flax seed and Tamoxifen

Does anyone know whether it’s ok to take flax seed if you are on Tamoxifen?
Also, does anyone know of any good research articles on the above?

This is a place to start:

and there is also this:

Hi Greenpea

I read somewhere that flaxseed has phyto oestrogens which are not suitable for us ladies who are E+. I had bought a big bag of it but have decided not to eat it. Can’t remember where I read it because I read so much. Hope this helps point you in the right direction!

Thanks rarebird63

I heard that too but there is such conflicting evidence! I’ll ask my onc the next time I see him.

Hi there

I have flaxseeds on my porridge every morning as i read that it is good for preventing cancer!!! There is so much conflicting advise around that i think we would be scared to put anything in our mouths if we took it all on board! I used to drink soya milk for years then when i was also diagnosed changed to oat milk, something i read about cows milk being high in phyto whatsits, the list goes on and on, As we did nothing wrong in the first place to get this disease and i try to be rational about it all, if flaxseeds, soya milk etc are bad for you then how come every women who uses it is not diagnosed with BC, Ok we want to do everything to give us the best chance of no reccurrance but I think we have to be sensible about it as well, nobody knows for sure 100% about what you can eat and cant eat it changes every month, lets just not worry about it and enmjoy life and have a little bit of what you fancy! might sound a bit blase but i intend to enjoy every day, i was ER+ mastectomy, node clearance and on Arimidex, hey it is my one year anniversary tomorrow and boy am i going to enjoy it!

Try not to worry too much

Hi Suzzanne
Just wanted to congratulate you on your one year annivesary and I hope you are enjoying it like you said. It’s my wedding anniversary today so I’ll join you in a glass or two.
Well Done!