fleshy lump in arm after chemo

Hi, I went to my gp as three weeks after finishing chemo i was in some pain with my arm which i just put down to sore veins after having 6 FEC and it got steadily worse each time. But then i noticed I had a slightly fleshy swelling on the inside of my arm, where the elbow join is. The veins feel very hard and sore. the gp thought it was nothing to worry about. I asked if he thought it was a clot but he said no, just a fatty deposit. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this, it’s not gone away two weeks later and my arm is still in pain though not bad enough to take pain killers. Really worried in case it is a clot and i’m ignoring it. Be good to hear if anyone’s had anything similar. Thanks. Carrie x

Hi Carrie - When my clot was diagnosed in my arm during chemo it was very similar, vein felt hard and painful at crease of elbow. I was send for a doppler scan and that’s what showed the clot (two actually), have been on daily anti-coagulant injects ever since. Hard to know how your GP is certain that it is not a clot just by looking. Could you contact the chemo unit about your concerns - perhaps they can put your mind at rest, or recommend your next step. Hope it feels more comfortable soon. Sarah x


Go back and seek another opinion - GPs are not the experts in this field - as Sarah said you could always contact chemo unit - bang on the door girl until the problem is resolved.

Good luck.

Janey x