So do I pack it in the checked luggage or take it as carry on… I’m not gonna wear it cos its too heavy and the flights 24 hours … I’ll just wear the light sponge one… x

Hmmm…I think I would wear it to board the plane and then swap over at first toilet break

I’ve not taken my heavy silicone thing through the system, in fact I hardly wear it now. Have been through with fibrefill/spongey with no problems and also with beanie, ditto no problems.

Apparently they are suspicious of the weighted prostheses, which some overzealous H&S chap reckoned could be used as an offensive weapon eg if you throw it at the pilot - Come on, why would anyone want to do that, “Hey, i survived cancer, i think i’ll pay a lot of money to go up in the sky, and then knock out the guy who is gonna bring me down safely”, i mean, does that even make sense?? Why would i want to throw my boob at someone??

Whole threads elsewhere about scanners and intrusive body-touching in the name of security - {rant removed!!}

If you have lymphoedema, or are at high risk of developing it, do travel with your sleeve and be prepared to explain it: eg. “I had surgery last year and this is to reduce the swelling: No, it doesn’t hurt now thanks, but oooh, I’d love a hand with the luggage!” has been sufficient so far. You don’t actually need to mention cancer, the particular surgery is none of their business, but i guess if you are also dealing with wigs etc it cuts a long story short. And keep hydrated and keep moving, blahblah. Have a great holiday!