Having had 16 radiotherapy treatments, and feeling very fatigued and tired, I was asking around about anything that might make me feel a lot better and give me more energy and my sister told me that her neighbour who had radiotherapy for prostate cancer, was also feeling very fatigued and tired and he tried Floradix. He was amazed how helpful it was to him, so I am going to try it. I will keep you posted. chris x

Hi Chrissy
Another tonic thingy worth trying is Metatone. You can buy it in Boots and most bigger supermarkets. It’s great if you’re a bit run down and tired. I took it after both my ops and after radiotherapy had finished and it works within a few days. I’ve taken it after flu or a bad cold for years. First discovered it when I worked in the local chemist years ago!

Hi Chrissy

I took Floradix while pregnant and anaemic and again while having chemotherapy (and pregnant) and both times it really seemed to help raise my red blood count. Well worth a try.

xx Jane


I am finding the Floradix very good. My energy levels have gone right up. The only downside is it makes me a bit constipated, so I must drink a lot more. chris x

Hello Chrissy!
Didn’t realise till I read your post that you could get anything for post-rads fatigue - silly me for believing my (fairly clueless)Onc when he told me that tiredness is something I’ll have to put up with!
What exactly is Floradix? Is it a medicine? If so, what are the active ingredients? Where do you get it? Hope it’s still making you feel better!
Thanks in advance!


No, it is not a medicine. Floradix is a herbal and iron tonic you can get it anywhere really, from most chemists or online. Holland and Barrett might do it. It is around £11.00 though, so quite pricey. You can try it and see, wont do you any harm, and it might do you some good. It certainly perked me up. Your onc is silly saying that. I think you have to help yourself when you feel tired or fatigued. Have lots of rest if you can, this helps as well, but a good diet, lots of fluids, and FLORADIX. take care, chris x

Floradix has been around for a long time. I took it when pregnant 30 odd years ago as the iron tablets routinely given made me so constipated. I remember becoming rather addicted to the strange taste. Have a couple of prunes after, also good for iron and might help with the constipation.

i sometimes get a bottle of floradix if I am feeling run down. I might get a bottle in for during my rads. My chinese doctor is pumping me full of reishi mushrooms to keep my energy levels up. But there is nothing wrong with belt and braces


What are reishi mushrooms and where do you get them from? Can you buy them anywhere and do they work? As you say, belt and braces. chris x

you can get them anywhere, but you need to make sure they are potent.

trouble is I am not sure about just taking suppliments and herbs because the work for someone else. A general tonic is one thing, but somthing specific like mushrooms I would say is best to have prescribed by someone who has studied your body and decided what is best for you.

a lot of people on here are talking about placebo effects of alternative medicine, well my chinese doctor might be dishing out placebo effects but they realy work. Some people say they are just in it for the money, but I believe in my guy. My faith was re-inforced when we made two appointments a week for the fortnight after my op to help me recover quickly. But after the first one, he said i was incredibly strong and he did not need to see me for another two weeks.

Currently he is quite aggressivly preparing me for radiation, we want to avoid radiation fatigue, and then if i get side effects from hormone therepy i will be going back for that.

and back to the original post, just been online. amazon are doing floradix for quite a good price on line, post free, cheaper than holland and barrat

Oldandlumpy (Im sure you are not)

Thanks for the info on the mushroom. Yes, I am sure that they are quite potent and I would not take anything without getting good advice from someone professional. Glad he is getting you ready for radiation. Ive not long finished mine, 16 treatments, and it made me very tired at first, but I am getting over it and feel a lot better lately. Still tired and fatigued, but better. chris x

Amazing Floradix!

Followed your advice & got my daughter to get me some Floradix on Sat.Went for the tablets (£8-odd for 84 from Holland & Barrett) as we’re going on holiday soon & thought they’d be more transportable than the liquid, as that has to be kept in a fridge I think.

Have taken 4 tablets so far & am already feeling quite a lot better :slight_smile: Only finished 3 weeks’Rads last Tuesday, & felt decidedly weary since the end of week 1. BUT…I even had the energy this afternoon to do an hour’s gardening!!! which I’ve not felt like doing for 3 weeks or so!!!

Try it fellow Rads sufferers - hope it works for you!



Im so glad that you are having a good experience with Floradix. I did not know that they did tablets, that is better I think than the liquid as, yes, it does have to be refrigerated once opened. It made me feel better too, and yes it gives you a lot of energy. Anyone else reading this, do try it if you feel fatigued or weary, it does help. xx

can i use these tablets or liquid ? am on tamoxifen and 3 days post rads , fine until today , my goodness i am so tired , need some energy x

Hi Trish!
Why not give them a whirl? They are basically a “Food supplement” containing iron & various herbs & vitamins, but if you’re concerned that they might react with your Tamoxifen, check with your Onc/GP (or whoever prescribed the Tamox). I refused Tamox & Femara because of SE’s so the problem didn’t arise for me.
Good luck!