Flu jab!

So, am I correct in thinking that if we are long post chemo and active treatment and only on hormone treatments now we don’t need to have the flu jab?


I was offered the flu jab and had it before starting chemo back in 2014 but it’s never been mentioned to me since so I assume by reading the blurb that its only for people with immune systems which are compromised and mine is oviously not now.  


Don’t think I would have it though, just being curious.





I’ve been offered the flu jab this year and didn’t have chemo or radiotherapy just a mastectomy and Tamoxifen so I would be interested to know people’s thought too.

Hi mystery mouse. To be perfectly honest probably not. I’ve never had flu, I’m having a months break from Tamoxifen due to the side effects I think I just want to leave well alone.