flu jabs

Has anyone else had one? I’m at the end of treatment, but may get Herceptin after I see onc in mid November. Have been thinking about asking GP for a flu jab as a precaution this winter - can’t bear the thought of being incapacitated again!

Yep got mine the day after chemo, nearly 2 weeks ago.

This years vaccine is “inactive” (has dead flu cells)so you wont get a small dose of the flu or any of its flu type symptoms.
Always check with Onc as their opinions differ but mine likes all chemo patients to get one.


My GP has asked me to ask the onc at what point in the cycle it should be done

I had my flu jab saturday past (onc said no reason why not) - just time it so your not at your ‘lowest’.


my gp told me i should have one so am booked in to have it beginning of November


I had mine today but cleared it with my oncologist first. I have finished chemo and start rads tomorrow. I am also going to have the pneumonia jab, probably next week. My oncologist said to take whatever was offered! As others have said, you do need to ask your own oncologist, though.


Thanks all for this - will call GP. Didn’t know there was a pneumonia jab, so will ask for that too. I wonder if they have any 10 years younger vaccines in stock as well…

In my 49 yrs I often thought I had flu, until I acctually got it 2 yrs ago before BC. It was hell, I was sooooo ill for wks with a hacking cough for 5 mths! So I am wondering about asking for one this yr (I had got it for 3 yrs on trot prior to real flu due to working in a residential special needs school). Was mega stressed at time of flu and when it passed, I had BC, wonder if there was a connection?

I have finished chemo etc, now on arimidex but still not 100% fit so feel vulnerable.



I am sure there is a stress connection. I was dx three weeks after my mother died, and the period leading up to her death had been extremely stressful, both emotionally and physically.

Hi ladies,

I had my flu jab this morning, and start chemo next weds. A xx

Had mine yesterday.
I ache a little today and thought I had caught my daughter’s cold but keep drinking and dosing myself so should be OK
My oncologists, GP and staff at the centre where I am having my chemo all advised me to have the jab

I’m booked in for it! Anything to keep me healthy! Irene, you’re right, the real flu is quite a different story. Re stress and BC i understand that the evidence is inconsistent - one study established clear connection, but subsequent studies found no connection. So jury is still out. However, it’s common sense that stress is exhausting and we are all more prone to viruses when tired, so it’s not worth being stressed anyway, even if it’s not a determinant for BC.

Hi ladies

I have just finished chemo (well 2 months ago) and had surgery last week. Am so scared of getting a cold or cough - hate people sneezing near me - Yuk - Germs! Think we all know how that feels from chemo! Do you think I should go ahead and have a flu jab even though have finished chemo? Have got Rads starting in November

Amber x

I was dx Jan 2003 and have had flu jabs every October since then, as I am on immuno-suppressants (methotrexate). I have never had flu thankfully and believe the jabs have worked for me. Arm is sore for a couple of days, with red lump, but rather that than get the flu.


I finished chemo last month, and have been advised to have a flu jab. A friend of mine who was dx two years ago still has flu jabs - she’s a district nurse so I guess she should know

My onc recommended I have one. Off to get mine in a couple of weeks!

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Hi. Had my flu jab last week. I guess it’s best to check with your doctor/hospital, but I was told it was a good idea to have one. Also, I had mine the day after one of my chemo sessions. I am on FEC and they said it would be best to have it right at the beginning of a cycle - because if you have it in the second week after chemo then your cell counts would be too low to form antibodies/an effective response, and you might also feel a bit flu-ey.



I was advised to have my flu jab before I started chemo last year and was told to have it every year. The pneumonia jab has to be at least 3 months after completion of chemo and is a one off. I am just grateful for everything on offer.


Hi All

Well I had my onc appointment on Wednesday, which I posted a long thread about it. My nurse at the docs said about flu jab and to ask my onc. So, asked my onc’s registrar, as onc didn’t come in to talk to me, and apparently my onc is not in favour of flu jab or pneumonia jab!! Not sure why, didn’t say … and as I have never had one, probably won’t now.

Take care