flu like symptoms

flu like symptoms

flu like symptoms Hi all

I’ve just had the first of 4 CMF cycles (had 4 epi) and was wondering if any one else has had flu like symptoms but without a temperature. Most days every muscle in my body aches, my head throbs and my skin is very sensitive to touch. My gums hurt too as though my teeth are being pulled out!. I’m constantly taking my temp (with 2 different thermometers!) and it is always normal. Strong paracetemol seems to alleviate the problem for a few hours. I will mention it to the doc but was curious as to whether any one else has had the same.

Best wishes to everyone out there on this long journey.

Sue x

hi sue I am on the same as you I have got 2 cmf to go 1 tomorrow well I feel exactly like you some days I find it hard to get out of bed I am walking like a old woman my arms ache and all my body aches too. I asked the nurse last time I had my chemo and she said it has been known for the cmf to do this. So I didnt feel so bad then as I was starting to think I had bone cancer I didnt have this on the epi so that is why I was so worried. I will mention it again tomorrow to her but like you I just keep taking the tablets. I take co-codimal they are a bit stronger than the paracetimal I will let you know what she says tomorrow you take care Love LINDA XXX

Hi Linda

I don’t feel so abnormal now knowing someone else has the same symptoms. I was worried like you that something else was happening! I have today taken co-codamol and feel a lot better.
Hope it went ok for you today and you don’t feel too bad. I must admit the CMF feels worse than the epi and I thought that was bad!
Take care
Best wishes
Sue xx

Hi Sue,

I had epi to start and have just finished Xeloda. Start rads in three weeks.
I described my symptoms on Xeloda to be like flu but without a cold. If I sit down for too long, I’m like a 90 year old getting up !

Have been told that this too will pass. I tried ibruprofen and that helped.