Flu & Tamoxifen

Hi, I have recently started Tamoxifen nearly two weeks ago after a lumpectomy in April and all seemed okay at first.  At the weekend I got a nasty flu bug and have felt extremely ill with it, constantly coughing, sore throat, migraines, fuzzy head, weakness, aches, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. I was due to go to my radiotherapy planning meeting on Friday but have had to postpone as I feel so dreadful.  Last night,  I woke up soaking wet with nightsweats and tonight, my forehead temperature is about 37.2 which gives an ‘amber alert’ on my thermometer.  My cheeks are even hotter and bright red.  I suppose my question is should I be worried  as I don’t know whether my overheating is the hot weather, the flu or the Tamoxifen.  

Very grateful for any advice as I’m getting so anxious about everything.  Thanks

Tamoxifen most certainly causes hot flushes and quite often at night but I don’t think it causes a temperature so more likely to be a flu bug , I’ve had a similar bug this week ,not what you’d expect in this lovely weather .You would expect to shift the flu in a few days so if it doesn’t settle down with paracetamol and rest maybe ask advice from your breast care nurse ?