Fluid-filled cysts?

I had WLE surgery in February, with quite a lot of hard tissue from scarring remaining in both areas. Last month I had what felt like an additional lump on top of the scar, got an appointment with surgeon, went for ultrasound and had it aspirated - was advised it was fluid-filled cyst. It never really collapsed as much as I hoped and now I feel quite a lump again.

Question for anyone who’s had this - should this be checked out again and aspirated, or is it OK to assume its a cyst (I’m 95% sure it will be) or should this be aspirated too.

I so want to get to the point where I don’t need any more additional appointments. I did phone BCN to ask - and yes I know they are not am emergency service - but answer machine message says for appointments and advice ‘phone your surgeon’s secretary’. What the X? Isn’t that the whole point of the BCN? I left a message asking for a return call, but the tone of the A/M message was really quite dismissive. So I will turn to here to ask for advice…



Was your WLE for cancer .?
Cysts can refill but obviously it might mean they examine you again perhaps with ultrasound and let you feel the area so you know where it is and what a cyst feels like. Benign Cysts do NOT become cancerous and show up well on ultrasound. If it is not tense they will not drain it. it might be that they will not want to do another examination or ultrasound because THEY know what it is because of the aspirate and it’s position. If it gets bigger or tense ring the BCN . It is not an emergency but you are obviously worried. She might look at it for you and put you mind at ease.
I am not an expert. You might find it useful to contact the helpline and talk it through with them tel 0808 800 6000
Monday to Friday 9- 5pm Saturday 9-2pm. There is a BCC publication on cysts you can download from this site.
Hope this helps

Thanks our Bob and Cackles
Yes WLE was for cancer, had it on both sides. Despite being quite put out about the BCN answer machine message I did leave a message saying ‘I need some advice which I’d rather have from a BCN than a secretary’, and did get a call back pretty soon. Just have to have another appointment, another poke around, and probably another US with another aspiration. Just hope they sook out the blighter properly this time. But will probably still have that moment of cold fear in the waiting room thinking ‘what if’…