Fluid lump on ribs after treatment

Please someone tell me they’ve had the same thing!

in 2019 I was diagnosed stage 2 hormone positive IDCS. I had a lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

now my issue is since then I’ve had rib pain. Back and forth to the gp over a few years and they kept saying it was stomach pain. So now on the max medication I can be for stomach acid and it doesn’t help. Went back to the gp again a couple weeks ago and said look this is getting really painful the fluid swelling is larger. So she had a look and agreed it’s not common and I’m scheduled for an ultrasound on Friday and a gastroscopy the week after.

someone must know what this is? It’s driving me insane. Feels like I’ve got something sitting heavy on my ribs (just on the side I had treatment) and to be honest it looks like an extra small boob .

I did have 4 lymph nodes removed too and last year had reconstructive surgery (reduction and scar removal).

Have you been back to the breast care team / surgeon about these issues , they may be in a better position to work out what’s going on ?

Did the swelling happen after your surgery ?