flushing after FEC

I need some help with a problem i’ve developed after my first FEC yesterday. My face is flushed red along with my chest. Ive rang the unit and they advised going to doctor who then wasnt really able to help as he said he didnt think it was an infection,and it wasnt a usual reaction looking reaction to say an antibiotic,he advised me to go back to the unit. Ive rang them and they say it could be the steroids for anti-sickness and to keep an eye on it,they will ring tomorrow and have marked my notes about the problem as obviously if its a reaction to FEC it could be worse next time. Also how do they find which of the medicines i;m allergic to and what does that mean happens to the rest of my treatment. If anyone has had a similar problem and could let me know how it was resolved i’d be very grateful as i’m concerned how this will affect the rest of my treatment.

kind reagards Tracey

Hi Tracey
I had the same thing each time with FEC just drink lots bof water to help flush the drugs it seems to go with the pink wee

Hi Tracey

I had exactly the same on FEC and on TAX, it’s the steroids. My face was so red, it looked like I had been out sunbathing all day (fat chance with the summer we’ve had). My chest was also affected. It will stop afer you’ve finished the dexamethasone. My wee was bright red, not just pink, but that passed the day after each FEC. Drink 2 litres of water a day. It’s very unlikley that you are allergic to any of the medicines, but do keep an eye out to see that it goes after the dex.


Hi Tracey,

the same thing has happened to me after each FEC treatment I have had 3 my face is flushed along with my neck and chest it normally goes off after about 4 days but obviously keep an eye on it and if it gets worse or you are worried you must speak to the team looking after you.


Hi Kinden i’m not on dexamethasone at home but they may well have given me it intravenously as the nurse mentioned the steroids the one that gives some people a prickly bum feeling might be the culprit.

Hi Bubbles i had the pink wee but that went after about 3hrs,where the flushing seemed to come up overnight.

Ladies thankyou so much for taking the time to reply it really makes such a difference that other people have gone through the same thing. I’ve only just started this treatment and i just seem to have a heightened sense of my body, checking all the time for an adverse reaction, i cant carry on like this for the next 5 sessions i’ll be neurotic,hopefully this anxiety will settle down with time.

thanks Tracey

Hi Anxious

Its definitely the steroids so don’t worry as the flushing will subside when you finish them. Make sure you drink plenty of water.


Hi Tracey, i would also say it was the steroids, i remember when i got my first Fec and later that night my face was so hot and red i had to keep a fan on my face the whole night, after that they reduced my steroids and it was never as bad. And YES always drink lots of water. I hope that all goes well.

Mary xx

me too, I looked like I had a really good sun tan every time, even my arms and everyone said I looked really well. LOL. I felt a bit hot with it too and in some cycles I giot it twice. Not sure what it is as it was much worse on epi than on CMF but I actually get more steroids on the CMF.By the way it did not get worse each time and my BCN said it was common.
Don’t worry and good luck in the next week or so.
Lily x

Hi I was exaclty the same looked quite healthy with the glow the treatment gave me, I lost it after a couple of days, do as advised and drink plenty of water, take care junieliz

I’m the same - the day after I spend the whole day bright red. It’s like clockwork!