fluttering and vibration in right breast

Hi Ladies and Gents, well originall dx 2006 left radical mastectomy, immed re-con er+ pr-. 3cm tumor Grade 3 Stage 3. Epi Cmf. Seemed to be really well until I found a new lump this week in Rt breast, have had constant flutterings and vibrations in right breast as if I have a mobile phone switched on vibrating in my breast - any idea Ladies/Gents what this can be???.
Called Breast nurse this morning only to be told that I would need re-referring by my GP. I did this went to see GP this morning and he has sent an urgent referral - I believe to be seen within a two week window. It has obviously all changed because previously back when I was originally dx I in 2006 I just called BCN and went along all changed since.
Breast care nurse was really nice and hoped I would show up on their screens by Monday and that I was then to call back!!!
Does anyone know of fluttering sensations or vibrations as I have not has this before it may not even be linked!!! lols x
Lump is there as felt by gp hence urgent referral.
Hope you can help
Many Thanks

Tracey xx

Hi Tracey. Just bumping this for you. I haven’t had experience like you but someone else may be able to help.
Best wishes

Hello Tracey
I have had the very same feelings in my left boob, but only since my mx on my right boob. I have no idea what the feelings are, but I actually like the fluttering feeling when it happens. To date there is nothing wrong with my left boob, but it would be interesting to know more about these feelings.

Urgent referral sent last Friday received a phone call today. Appointment at 9.55 in the morning at the breast clinic. Fingers crossed xx

Good luck Tracey xxx

Good luck Tracey - a lot has changed since 2006. My local breast clinic now does most tests the same day with diagnosis within 24 hours. Hope to see you back tomorrow with some good news.