Flying 6 weeks after starting tamoxifen

Had a single mastectomy for multi centric lobular and ductal carcinoma in November (stage 1 grade 1’s) am doing fine recovery-wise. Started tamoxifen 6 weeks ago (I am post menopausal but they put me on tamoxifen for 5 years not letrozole etc) managing the side effects and they haven’t stopped me from doing anything so far! Was wondering about flying - I fly off to Tenerife early march (booked pre cancer!) and i’ve got myself in a pickle about tamoxifen and clots - can you lovely people reassure me in any way? flight socks/aspirin? I am a born worrier!

Thank you lovelies! x

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Hello @joyousjen

I know where you are coming from! I’ve been on Tamoxifen for a couple of years now and we flew to Germany at New Year and in the middle of the night convinced myself I had a blood clot :grimacing: in some ways it was completely irrational as I’ve never worried about them before and don’t have any other risk factors save for now being on Tamoxifen. In the event I ended up taking a couple of aspirin to put my mind at rest :sweat_smile: suffice to say I was fine!

I’d suggest just taking the usual precautions and wear stockings on the flight and get up and move around on the flight as Tenerife is a bit further than Germany and I’m sure you’ll be fine

AM xxx


I flew long haul at least twice a year whilst on tamoxifen. I had no problems at all, just did the usual flight care, drank plenty and exercised my legs. You will be fine, enjoy your holiday


@edp may I ask whether you are wearing compression socks please? I’m going to have a long haul flight (more than 10 hours) and just want to be prepared.

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Hi @joyousjen,

I was similarly worried but I have just flown from London to Australia (a week ago) and have had no issues. My oncologist advised compression socks and taking aspirin, along with getting up and walking/in flight exercise where possible (I’m 44 on 20mg tamoxifen, no other health issues). I managed this and arrived at Melbourne without the puffy ankles I usually get long- haul flying!

I did pay an extra to have aisle seats which made it a lot easier.

I also flew to Tenerife late last year and although I wasn’t able to get an aisle seat then, I managed with the flight socks and lots of wiggling my feet!

The one surprise I have had on this trip is I think the tamoxifen may have made my skin more sensitive as I have gotten very sun burnt arms and shoulders. Although this could also be down to poorly applied sun screen and the fact that I haven’t seen the sun in a year!

Wishing you a lovely holiday :heart:

Rach x


Hi; yes I’m wearing compression socks enjoy your holiday x


Thanks lovelies for your replies! Xx


Hi, I didnt but it wpuld no do any harm. I got up lots and did leg exercises. Also take your own water, they don’t bring it round often enough and you get dry very quickly. Have fun.

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Take out travel insurance from a company specialising in insuring people with medical conditions. They should take information on what treatment you are on and give you a price, I flew all over the place after I was diagnosed with no problem at all. India, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Morocco, Eire, Malaysia, USA. I was given regular glasses of orange squash on long haul flights and I made sure I walked up and down as much as possible so my lower legs were exercised every hour or so. I also wore flight socks. I had 19 years of long haul holidays between my two breast cancer diagnoses. But do get medical insurance please. Seagulls

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Travel insurance sorted, thanks seagulls x

Go Girl!!

Hi there
I am planning to fly on a 4-hour flight early April. Just started Tamoxifen 3 days ago, radiotherapy starting next week.
Oncologist and the BC nurse told me to move my legs, drink plenty of water and wear stockings during the flight.
Hoping that it goes well :pray: for all of us.
Take care. Xx

I never even thought to ask am I okay to sunbathe? I’m on tamoxifen? Someone has put the fear into me about developing lymphoedema if I sunbathe…
( no rads no chemo but had mastectomy) 4 months ago. X