Flying after radiotherapy



I am a little while off radiotherapy as only on round 2 of chemo but just wondering if any of you have been advised on how long to wait before flying after radiotherapy - don’t know ro much about the treatment but I am having the radiotherapy on my lymph nodes in my armpit if that makes a difference, 


thanks xxxx

Shocked - have you had any lymph nodes removed from the armpit area or just rads?

I am interested to know the answer to this as I was thinking of having a holiday after my radiotherapy as well. Hoping  you can fly asap.


Kaz xx

I went to Menorca just over 2 weeks after my rads finished and was fine, lathered my radiated boob in factor 50 and lounged in the sun all day with no ill effects , a much deserved holiday indeed! Xx 

Hi I had 2 nodes removed in November when I had my WLE done (All clear). Just finished rads today!! I flew to Goa 2 weeks prior to rads. Had no problem and I am going to Spain in 3 weeks for a short break. Nurse who discharged me today said all ok to fly!!

You should be fine to fly by then I would have thought. Yes good feeling not to have to trail backwards and forwards to the hospital every day!! Will be having follow up appointments though of course. Good luck xx

I finish rads on 4th September and fly to Turkey for the World Rally Championship on the 8th, so a few days later. I have been told that if I have any changes to my skin on 5th or 6th then to get straight to hospital on those days. I have high necked cossies, factor 50 cream and plenty of wraps. I am in a private villa with loads of shade too if I need it.