Flying with a Hickman Line??


Can anyone answer my question…
My mum & dad are moving to Spain and I am worried that I can’t visit them.
So am I able to fly with a Hickman line? I have had it for about 4wks and was hoping to fly out by the end of the year…


Surely someone knows the answer??

Hi Mel

You are welcome to call our helpline for advice about flying with a Hickman line in, the line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes

hello mel

I haven’t been on here for ages, but i do still come back occasionally for a read up to see if i finfd something new. I saw your message and think i can help.

I had a hickman line during chemo. Before i even started chemo my onc was dead against me flying. This was because of DVT risk, even though i am short slim and generally fit and healthy. I wanted to go to spain and booked a flight. I told them i was flying to ireland ( 1 hour). Well it was all systems go and wide eyed gasps that i dared to book ANY flight. I was made to see the onc who said ok i suppose itis only 1 hour, make sure you take aspirin dy before and day of flight…I felt so guilty and worried!! Anyway, the nurse had implied the risk was greater having the hickman line, but the risk of DVT is not generally that great, but is proven to be increased during chemo. e.g I may have increased by chances from 1 in 2000 to 1 in 1500. I was never a candidate for DVT but then I didn’t think i was a candidate for BC.

Your line wont expand, burst or be pressurised.

Aircrfts are germ havens (another reason they dont like you flying). You should be getting line cleaned weekly, they dont like you going more than 9 days.

I snuck off, racked with guilt and am still here.

Best of luck

Thanks Jules,

I was hoping to be fit and wellish a couple of months after my chemo, but unfortunately my hickman is a long term addition as I am on herceptin for life as I have secondaries in my liver. I did wonder about the plane = germ bit. As for flushing after 3 more wks they are going to show teach myself & hubby how to do!!! OMG Scary or what! I have asked the chemo nurses about flying but never really got a strainght answer. . .

Thanks again

Hi Mel,
I can’t believe they didn’t give you a portacath - much more infection-free. I’m in the same boat as you - liver secondaries mean Herceptin for as long as it’s working ie indefinately. Where I’m treated they will give you one if you will have intravenous treatment lasting more than a year.
I’m hoping to fly to Spain too - Barcelona dn coast around there. I hadn’t thought to ask if i was allowed! Better ask when I go on Monday. I’m on Warfarin cos of the port, so I guess that should help reduce the risk of DVT.
It’ll be nice having a homely base in Spain you can visit whenever you want!
All the best
Jacquie x

Thanks Jacquie,

A portacath was not offered!! Not sure as to why… I am also on warfarin (lovely stuff)

I was hoping that my parents place would becoma a second home but I will have to see what onc advises on flying!!!


PS I love Barcelona - great night life ; )