Fobbed off by hospital

Hi, I was rediagnosed with b/cancer about 4 weeks ago and told last Thursday 8/2/2017 that some nodes in the neck also had cells in. In the meeting with myself was my hubby, surgeon and cancer nurse. I was told because of my neck I would have chemotherapy first then surgery. My surgeon wanted an oncology appointment ASAP to witch the nurse said she would sort the following day as I was the last appointment of the day. The nurse said we wouldn’t bother with letters but would ring me instead. So I waited in all day Friday, no phone call, the following day, no call or letter & the same o. Monday. So as I was told it would be urgent I called the breast cancer team to ask what was going on & repeated the conversation in the meeting. The nurse denied there was any urgency and she would get it sorted hopefully that day but if I hadn’t heard anything by Thursday or Friday, to call oncology secretary myself. It’s now Wednesday and I still have not been contacted about this "urgent"oncology appointment! In the meeting my husband asked for a time scale and we were told a week to two weeks. I’ve been called a liar once and I’m apprehensive to call and chase again but frightened incase they’ve forgot about me or can’t get me in.

Hi Spesley

i wouldn’t give them any more chances, if there weren’t any letters there still should be your patient notes so I would ring the surgeons secretary AND the oncology one. If there is no joy from them go through hospital management/ complaints. The waiting messes with your mind and well being and it just isn’t fair. 

Stuff the liar bit, ask them to tell you what’s written in your notes! And if there’s not much there ask why there’s no written referral.

Im so sorry you’ve had this extra worry on top of your diagnosis. I really hope everything starts to go a bit more smoothly.



Thanks Cathy, I waited until the post came today , still nothing. So I grabbed the phone and rang the oncologist secretary. They said it was probably waiting for a referral. After a hunt round, the finally found an appointment HAD been made for me for the 27th ( so much for urgent) and a letter was waiting to be posted. So at least I’ve got one now but really not happy with how this has been conducted.

Hi spesley. Thats terrible how you have been treated. Next time you see your oncologist or bc nurse tell them how you have been treated and its not good enough.
After i was diognosed 3 years ago my first telephone call was from a surgon to talk about my breast operation. At this point i knew i had cancer but didnt know where and i hadn’t seen anyone. she appologised and was the one who made my first clinic app. A comlpete cock up. My third app was with a registra who read someone elses file and told me he didnt need to see me for 6 months. I was completely hysterical at this point as i knew he wasnt talking about oncologist was in the next room and was called in.the thing is the registra said i was all clear when actually it had spread to my liver. If i had just gone along with it i would have been forgotton and probably dead.
The thing im trying to say is you have to be in control. To the bc team you are just another case. And although most of the time they are all brilliant they get busy and things get forgotton. Im glad you kept on the case and now have a date. Keep strong and in charge of your own case. Sue
Ps i refuse to see any registras now i only see my onc.

Thank you everyone for your replies. They are very much what I needed and yes I need to grow some balls where the hospital is concerned. I send you all , all the best wishes in the world. You have made me feel not just another number.xx

Sorry to jump in on this, and although completely unrelated to the breasts but hospitals in general. I did voice concerns regarding my hubby when he was in hospital, turned out he had brain damage it went a week of them not listening to me but eventually and very luckily another hospital did, thank goodness as he would not be here today, but my point is, and a mistake I certainly won’t be ignoring again is, if you know that something is not right, or you are being treated unfairly you must voice concerns, please don’t be scared too, I was and I regret it . Doctors and nurses are fantastic at their job and I have the upmost respect, but they are still human and mistakes can still be made, so please make yourself heard, this is your body and your life you entrust to others, if you have questions, ask. If you have doubts, ask. If there is a genuine reason for complaint, make it, take care xx

Hi, my names Gaynor and it’s the first time I have used this site

Hi gaynor, u ok?

But you should know I ring my chemo unit daily with one problem or another and they always say they would rather we ring in than sit and worry. I just rang my breast nurse whenever I was worried about appointments and timescales. I think Oncology work on a different time scale and sense of urgency than the breast team but once you get your 1st appointment it all happens really quickly. Hope this helps xxx

Not really sure what I’m doing with the forum as I have never used one before

No worries, if you go to the main forum page, there are different threads , those waiting, those newly diagnosed, waiting for test results, benign conditions etc. if you click on the one that meets your needs most, it will take you to different conversations, explanations, etc and allover this site there are extremely helpful ladies and nurses to help, advise and just be there. I hope this helps a little xx

Hi, just wanted to say I can understand how you feel, I too had node in neck and I’m on other side now just finished my treatment amd scan clear. Xx