Follicle pain as hair falls out - anyone else?

I am on my second round of AC and my hair is falling out now. I’ve had it cut short to try and ease the impact(!) but what is really getting to me is the pain that comes with it. You know when you have had your hair up in a pony tail and you let it down and it hurts at the roots - well it feels like that all over.

Will this stop once my hair falls out? What can I do to ease the discomfort in the meantime?

Hi Pennies,

I remember having that feeling too. In the end I shaved it all off and the discomfort went. Sounds drastic to shave it off I suppose but I just hated the sight of it coming out and decided to beat it at it’s own game! I don’t know what else you could do to ease the pain but lots of people on this site seem to come up with amazing solutions for all kinds of problems, so hopefully someone will have a good idea! We seem to be a resiliant bunch!

Hope you feel ok soon.
Love Esme x

Hi there,
I had that pain too, it was horrific, but it did go away as soon as the hair came out. I shaved mine off as I couldnt stand the wisps coming out and that also helped.


Yes I remember my head being very sore too. I never shaved my head and just let my hair fall out gradually, but the soreness didn’t last very long.
Good luck
Anthi x

I remember that pain clearly, I wore a soft terry towelling hat in bed this really helped ease the discomfort.Im sure shaving it off would offer you instant relief.
Stella x

Hi girls - absolutely - remember the really sore head abot 15 days after my first FEC. The pain went away as my hair disaapeared.
Good luck you gys x

i remember that well… it was soooo sore… i wasnt bothered about losing my hair but it felt like a hedgehog being poked in my head just as it was starting to fall out.

i had cut mine a few times so it was really short and then my sis shaved it off but the length didnt make any difference to how sore it was.

i was told it would feel like a ponytail being pulled to tight but actually was more painful than that… but was only for a week or two til it all fell out and then it was fine until its grew back LOL… but wasnt so bad coming in as it was falling out.

Lulu x


Yup as soon as I shaved it off it stopped hurting. Couldn’t sleep cos it hurt too much. Much easier. Mine has been slowly growing back since I shaved it but now I have 1 chemo left it’s started falling out again but this time it doesn’t hurt. Less fussed this time as it’s only half a cm long anyway, in fact I’m going to shave it off after my next chemo to prepare my head for new non chemo hair.

Em x