Follow up care after moving to a new area

Diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer 2007. Been through familial cancer services and although negative for brca1, brca2 and Palb, was having yearly mammogram and mri with contrast in Derby because of family history of cancers until I moved house 18 months ago.

Now located in Cumbria, had letter from the local bc service to say I’m “not high risk as don’t have brca1 or 2” therefore only 3 yearly mammograms on offer.

Feeling a little nervous now as missed two (had I still been in Derby) checks. Although it is over 15 years since diagnosis, both my mum’s and my aunt’s bc came back years later.

Any advice please?

Dear Yonyon

So sorry to read you are feeling anxious, and quite rightly so about having to wait for a mammogram, I think if this were me I would have a word with my GP to see if they can refer, or maybe you could to go private for peace of mind. 
Wishing you well go forward 

Biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hi. Just came across your post and wanted to share my thoughts. I totally get why you might be feeling nervous about the change in follow-up care after moving to Cumbria. Have you thought about talking to the local breast cancer service to see if there are any other options available? You could also check with an international estate agency to see if they have any recommendations for healthcare providers in the area. Don’t forget to keep an eye on any changes and do self-exams regularly. Your health is important, so don’t hesitate to reach out for extra support if you need it.

I live in Cumbria & after an early breast cancer diagnosis in 2021 am given a yearly mammogram although I believe after 5 years I will revert back to 3 yearly mammograms.  May be useful for you to join a local Breast Cancer Group where you can be supported by others who are in a similar position … if there is one in your part of Cumbria xx