Got my first Oncology follow-up consultation this week.
Then, the following week, got my first mammogram, since all my treatment.
Needless to say not looking forward to either of them, especially mammogram, i had two at beginning of treatment & second one really hurt.
Then there’s the waiting game for results.
Hubby keeps telling me not to worry, easier said than done.
Has anyone had a mammogram since surgery etc. ?


Dear Kar,

Well done to you for getting so far you’ve had your surgery and treatment and now it’s time to move on. I know it’s always a worrying time when you’re going back for a mammogram and a further appointment with your oncologist I think you’re fine that we all feel the same.

I had a mammogram last week, my radiologist was absolutely lovely at the end I asked her was everything okay and could she show me the results she was very happy to do this so maybe you could ask the same and at least when you come out you’re not going home with something hanging over your head again she also explained that it had to be checked again, but as far as she could see always well.

Wishing you lots of luck for a good outcome come back and let us know how you’re getting on.

Hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


Thankyou so much Tili, will do x

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Hi @kar3n I had my first post-active treatment mammogram last July. I was asked to take a seat outside once it was over so that the presiding doctor could check the prints. I also asked if I could have a look and was invited in by the doctor who explained what she was looking at and looking for. I was surprised to see markers were still in there where the original tumour was and also relieved to be told my breast tissue isn’t very dense so it should be easy to spot if anything untoward was happening.

Two doctors have to review the prints to make sure that they both agree on findings but only one was available that day so I was told the second doctor would give her view another time and then a letter would be sent in 2-3 weeks. I never received a letter (which isn’t unusual for this particular hospital - thankfully I had no active BC treatment there) so it was fortuitous that I’d had that interaction with the reviewing doctor on the day.

So I completely agree with @Tili ask if you can be given an initial view. Unless they are super busy, I’m sure they will be amenable as it’s obvious that anyone who has been treated for BC will be anxious for reassurance. It might give you the opportunity to discuss breast density too, which I think is interesting and important to know. I look on it as being an active partner in your own medical care.

Unfortunately mammograms aren’t comfortable but it’s over quickly and can give important information. I’ve trotted this out before but a friend and I always joke when one of us goes for a mammogram that we’ll meet for coffee afterwards and order two flat whites! Good luck with it.


I had my surgery last March, Oncoplasty and SNB on one side reduction on the other, so I had my Mammogram in January was dreading it because I am still abit tender, but the grls were lovely and it wasnt as bad as I thought. Was worrying about the result but all good. Please try and not worry, easier said than done I know. Good luck and hope all goes well.

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Thanks guys for your replies, they have helped.
Will ask after mammo how it looks.
Will keep posted.

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Had 5 - it sucks . But local recurrence is v unlikely and not as scary as secondary cancer we have no choice but to go with it however they should tell us on the day . Waiting for the letter is awful and doesn’t get easier


I haven’t, but fully intend to take plenty of painkillers in advance as can’t imagine having my battered, hard boob squeezed :sob:

I was told they can’t do mamagram on the boob that was done in surgery but need mamagram on other breast and I was told to just check my other breast and anything there would be just utral sound scan on that breast. It’s hard not to worry though I hate even walking back in to the breast clinic u get ur bad news there but also walk away with good news so just remberd that xx


Hi guys.
Thanks for all your replies, nice to know others feel the same.
I’m gonna speak to my Oncologist about it all tomorrow.
I am worried about having mammogram on the breast that i had surgery etc.
Will keep posted.

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I’ve insisted on Ultrasound as well as mammogram for my follow up plans.
Mainly because my cancer didn’t show on routine mammogram and barely in the 3D one at the hospital.
I have no faith in mammogram anymore

I have now had three annual mammograms since my lumpectomy for breast cancer. I found that the technician doing these was really nice and understanding and made sure I could withstand it and not too painful. I was also advised by my breast services team to have paracetamol before the mammogram itself. Awaiting results is always and anxious time and doesn’t get easier. If you have a nice team at the hospital they can hopefully reassure you early on. Hope it goes well for you. Alison

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I had mammogram on both boobs. I did only have a lumpectomy so maybe thats why. Did they say why they couldn’t do it on the operated one? I was shocked when the mammogramopherer asked if I normally have one done on that boob! It was my first one since surgery!

I actually found it no where near as bad as pre surgery x

I had reconstruction surgery were they took the fat from my tummy out in my boob I don’t no why tbh my boob is still tender from surgery in June my mamagram is July so I hope they don’t do it on that breast. How was it for u xx

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I actually found it no where near as bad as mammograms pre surgery. Mine isn’t tender though and actually don’t have as much feeling there, I had lymph node clearance too and I’m still numb all round there. They took a piece from just to the side of my boob and flipped it up into my breast. This means the scar from my lymph nodes just extends further down and where that bit of fat attaches into my boob, is where the incision was made for the lump, so just have 2 scars if that makes sense. Odd talking about it makes it ache lol :sweat_smile:

Was supposed to have my first Zoledronic acid infusion yesterday, been delayed due to my Oncologist not signing it off, don’t understand. Scared now, in case there’s a problem i.e. were my bloods ok, was my mammogram ok ? In LIMBO yet again, thinking allsorts.