Food and supplements

Morning, hope you’re all as well as can be.

I’m still waiting for my full prognosis and see my oncologist next week so will ask, but does anyone have any guidance on the best food and supplements to have duribg treatment.

I love my collagen but I’m scared to take it now. I’m also taking vitamin D, magnesium and have just started on multi vitamins.

I’ve also just started making green smoothies. I’ve cut down on alcohol and chocolate and I’m avoiding processed food.

Any advice, please? Thanks :heart:

@jnra - advice varies depending on your treatment. If you have chemo the oncology team tend to advise you to stop taking supplements as they don’t want anything to impact on the chemotherapy. If you can cut out alcohol and eat a good diet based on whole foods that’s great - but again, chemo can cause have with your mouth and digestive system and you often just want to eat plain, starchy foods! I would say go with what you feel you can do during the early stages of treatment- you have lots of time when that is done to focus on nutrition and fitness. Good luck xx


Vitamin D and Magnesium are good Vitamin E is not recommended though foods which contain it like nuts are generally ok . I also stopped taking collagen . It becomes a bit of a minefield . The Nurses always recommend the herb and supplement page on the Memorial Sloan Kettering website - it’s very useful .When you are starting treatment ask them what it is / is not ok to have during treatment. It’s always good to cut down on processed food but allow yourself a treat as well when you feel like it . Chocolate is a good source of iron by the way . Xx


Love chocolate :yum:


This website also has good advice about diet recommendations: Diet, activity and cancer - WCRF International

The day I was diagnosed I stopped all sugar in any processed form, alcohol, processed foods and caffeine. I have dropped a dress size very quickly but feel so much better for it and feel brighter and healthier. I have a lot of fresh ginger, lemon juice, flaxseeds/ linseeds and as much protein as possible. I’m a pescatarian so more fish than normal.

My surgeon told me to stop taking vitamins but my oncologist said I can take them. I will start to take them again but I’ll add them back in slowly once my treatment starts. I’m not sure I need them now I am eating well.

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