Food to eat when on letrozole

I am taking letrozole to zap my hormones as well as trying to eat healthily the only thing being a lot of the fruit and nuts I like to eat help produce estrogen as well as dairy products especially eggs.
What the heck are you supposed to eat I do not eat meat do not drink or smoke - what is left, life is already miserable on letrozole.
Can anyone recommend any good books to help with this?

Poppy xx

I have just completed the moving forward course and it’s really worth looking at this for dietary advice aswell as other top tips. I would recommend signing up if you haven’t already.


Hi Poppy, I was given 2 book recommendations  ‘foods to fight cancer’ by Professor Richard Beliveau & Dr Denis Gingras. I got a secondhand copy of this online & it’s really helped me put a simple food plan together.

The other is ‘anti cancer a new way of life’ by Dr David Servan-Schreiber, also got it secondhand.

I’m 6 weeks into hormone treatment (Letrozole…Femara brand), 8 weeks post-op, 12 weeks since diagnosis. Life just changed on a pin in September…a whole new world of strange words & deeds…a whirlwind for sure.

All the best, Aileana