Hi, I’m new to this group.

thank you for having me.

I discovered and has returned, spots in my spine. 2 months ago.

 I thought I had done all this 5 years ago, reconstruction & chemo no radiation.

My question is everybody living a healthier lifestyle?  what foods and supplements are you taking, if any.

I am trying to eat a bit more healthy  taking turmeric capsules with black pepper and also astragalus which is supposed to help with immunity . I have secondaries in bones and lung after 15 years when I had lumpectomy lymph node clearance chemo and radio. Been on ibrance and letrezole since April 2018 which has reduced 4 of 6 tumours and 3 monthly scans show things stable x Liz 

Morning all

i have always eaten healthy foods , mostly veg and fruit , don t like dairy , mostly fish and occasional meat , but not processed meats 

I did take circumin  supplements , but my consultant asked me to stop .H 

e explained that another patient had raised and altered liver enzyme levels ,they had to stop treatment, the levels remained. raised , and then the patient explained she was taking various high dose supplements . I don t think there is enough evidence for me to take high dose supplements at the moment ,but it is very personal 

I have secondary breast cancer with liver mets ,started new treatment last week abemaciclib tablets and fulvestrant injections 

I was diagnosed with bc nov 2016 , have had chemo ,mastectomy,radio ,

positive thoughts everyone