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I was wondering if there are any statistcs about PICC lines… sorry to go on about them but I really don’t know what to do… Do I go ahead and have one put in tomorrow or not? Do they hurt? Are they as much trouble in real life as they are in my mind?

Will I feel like a cancer patient with one? Will it hinder me swimming/ showering and huggling my children as I think it will?

I do wish I could have phoned someone this weekend…I am in a state of Heeeeeeelllllllpppppppp Meeeeeeeee at the moment.

I am sooo confused…what should I do? I know that the ultimate decision is mine but I don’t feel like I know enough about it to make a decision. I have read about them, seen one, touched one but still don’t feel ready to decide…AGGGGH!

Thanks x

Dear BabyBoo

I am sorry to read that you are feeling so confused at the moment and I would suggest that you contact our helpline in the morning which opens at 9am for a chat with our specialist nurses about the decision you are trying to make. The number is 0808 800 6000.

It is important that you feel fully aware of what this procedure entails and that you feel all of your concerns are listened to, your Breast Care Nurse or chemotherapy team will be able to answer the questions you have before you consider whether this is the right procedure for you.

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Just a thought but why dont you put the question out to other forum members, with the heading PICC line, it might help you put your mind at rest with hopefully some other members experiences of this, might be a help until you can ring the help line.

take care


Have you searched the forums for “PICC lines” or for “Hickman Lines”? It is worth trying - there are lots of older postings about lines, so don’t forget to search the archives as well.