For AnneS

Hope tomorrrow goes OK - I can’t believe how quickly Wednesdays come around. Is it just a tax day tomorrow or is avastin as well?

I am off to Edinburgh tomorrow - back on Sunday. Wishing you well.


Back from Edinburgh - had a great time. My sister is coming down tomorrow so she can take me to chemo on Tuesday which is lovely.

Your post rings so many bells with me!

You are coming to London for your scan on the 9th May - are you gong to the imaging centre on Marylebone? That’s where I’ve been - if you can face only one journey that week - perhaps we could meet up after for tea and cake? I know when I came up I was starving! If your husband is coming with you you might not want to - that’s fine! If you are coming up for the cinderalla tea - I’ll try and get there.

I know you are based in Wales - what part?


Hi Geraldine,
Glad work went ok but make sure you don’t overdo it and get plenty of rest.

Unfortunately I’m now laid-up at home with a chest infection which came on suddenly over last couple of days with a high temp which went as high as 38.2. I spent over 5 hours sitting waiting in not my usual hospital yesterday and was dealt with very poorly but they ended up letting me go with antibiotics in the end. I’m never going to that hospital again!! The specialist cancer hospital I’m treated under had no beds so wouldn’t let me go in case I was to be kept in but it was so crazy as my bloods didn’t get taken for hours and my temp was still going up and was sitting with people with goodness knows what which is not great is you’re susceptible to infection!
Anyway rant over - I’m going back to bed before my husband shouts at me! I’m sadly not going to be able to make it to London on Tuesday. I need to get fully better and get plenty of rest for Avastin on Wed, PET scan on Friday and then our holiday the following Tuesday.

Hope you’re doing ok and hope we can meet up eventually.

Take care