For Anthi

For Anthi

For Anthi Hi Anthi

Thanks for recommending “Rimmel Nail Rescue” and dark nail varnish. i actually think that it is working! I began applying it, then covering it with nail varnish when you mentioned it about a month ago. At that time my nails were turning brown, but since then when I remove the varnish they have gone back to their normal colour.

It also helps the nail varnish to stay on, it doesn’t seem to chip at all (or perhaps that is due to longer periods of inactivity than previously!!)

I know that nails can go at any time and I still have one my Taxotere to go, but for now they look better than they have looked for years!

Thanks Nicky x

Hello Nicky

I’m glad to hear that the Nail Rescue is working for you. Let’s hope that it continues to work.

I’m still using it myself even though I finished Taxotere on 1st May but I’ve read that it’s possible to lose nails several months after chemo. And I shall go on using it as my nails also look better than they have done for years.

Good luck with your last Taxotere. You’re nearly finished with chemo now.

Love Anthi