for clopickett

for clopickett

for clopickett Hi Claire,

Just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear that you lost Moira.

Louise and Sally,


P.S How are you doing? How is your hair now?

wanna bump this up in case claire hasn’t seen it.

hello, sorry i took so long! hi louise and sally,
sorry i had’nt relpied just been a bit manic the last week or so.
i’m doing ok and have just accepted a new job so will be leaving the NHS, time for a change i think.
How’s you guys anyway?
the hair?? well everybody keeps telling me how fab it is and even been told that on a night out in town (twice) by girls saying that they wished they had the guts to chop theirs that short!!! not alot of choice for me eh?? hav’nt cut it yet but certainly got the dye to it as it decided to come back with more grey than it had before!!
must meet up for that coffee
Take care
Claire xxx