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Hey Claire,

How’ve you been? Just been reading up on your recent post and see you’ve been to Florida. How long did u go for? I went a couple of weeks ago for a week, it’s such good fun isn’t it? Whereabouts did u stay? Sorry to hear your in-laws weren’t great - my mum is having the same problem with hers. My mum and dad don’t get on and the in-laws wont listen to my mum’s side of the story and haven’t been very nice to her. Really annoys me as it’s like they have forgotten all that she’s been through and that she’s still waiting on the genetics results. Mum sent her blood off in January and we are still waiting on the BRCA2 result - BRCA1 proved inconclusive.
Hope you’re keeping well and hope to hear from you soon,

Louise, xx

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