hope you are well.

Just got through difficult time as it was my mums birthday recently. Just bought home lots of flowers (including freshias which were her favourite) and placed them round her picture. I smiled everytime I saw them and thought of her on all the previous birthdays I have shared with her.
We are off to Goa next week to celebrate my 40th - I know she will be with me then and we are still in talks with my dad about going away in the summer.
Hope everything is going ok with the pregnancy.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care
Love Sharon x

Hi Sharon

Sorry I havent been about for a while, the computer hasnt been able to hook up to the internet for a while.

I hope you are feeling a bit brighter now. Mums birthday is always going to be really hard isnt it, especially the first one. My mums isnt till August, 2 weeks before we lost her, so I havent had to go through that yet. I try and think of all these ‘firsts’ that we have to accomplish without our mums as another hurdle that has to be passed, and once it has been it will be slightly easier next time round. Getting some flowers for your mum and placing them at her picture was a lovely idea and a really good way to remember. I imagine that you really used to spoil your mum for her birthday,

Goa will be a lovely break for you, and just what you need after you have been having a bad few weeks, something to look forward to. We are trying to pursuade my dad to go and visit my aunt in america this year for his holiday, we would go too, but at the moment he isnt too keen.

I am doing well, 9 weeks to go now! Feel really tired and teary all the time but I think it is more my hormones than anything else. I am just really feeling lonely without my mum here to help me with everything. The other day I had to ask my aunt whether I need to buy the baby a coat, she just laughed at me but I really do not have a clue and so miss and need my mum! I must be going through an angry phase!

Anyway, as I said I hope you are feeling a bit happier - you have got through it just as you have christmas, and can now focus on your holiday. Make sure you let me know how it goes. I am always here for a chat if you need me.

Love Joanne x x x