For Karen

For Karen

For Karen Good morning Karen

Sorry not been in touch for a while, but I suppose you have been following my chats on the forums…(you know the ones with the dark clouds following them…

Well am giving it another go on the job scene…got a part time weekend job, sat and sun at the local estate agents. Not much I know but at least its a start…Will try not to rush things this time…as my doctor informed me I have got to heal within, which can take quite a while with everything else going on around me at the moment.

Any way hope you and yours are OK and look forward to hearing from you.


PS Seen any of the other traveller’s around…Cannot seem to find them anywhere apart from you and Lyn

Hi elaine glad to hear you have managed to find another job…part-time will hopefully be easier to cope with…as your doctor says don’t rush things…everything takes time
hope the dark clouds are beginning to lift for you…and some nice yellow sunshine comes through.

all ok here thanks.

have seen valerie in ''first lines ‘’
think lynn’s having a bit of a tough time too at moment…been following her thread…hope things pick up for her too.

take care of yourself…look after yourself…and remember… sod everyone else your the important one!!

karen xx

just thought I’d sneak in here Hi Elaine,

Glad to hear about the new job. Hours sound a bit more managable for the moment.

Good luck with it.

Sorry if I’ve been a.w.o.l.

Valerie x

Slipped in and out and missed you Valerie my Friend, you snook in and out before I realised. Hows it going? Have really missed you and all the rest of the cybertrip gang…can only find Lyn, Karen and now thank goodness you as well…how wonderful to hear from you, hows it going, hope you are alright…Not much happening this end, except me and lyn are moving to a new address, dont know if you have been following us but we have a collection of cardboard boxes (we call home) ready to kip out under the pier, and Karen has very kindly offered to lend us her Gypsy caravan (have heard its not pulled by horses but two hunky men…lol)

Well great to hear from you and look forward to catching you next time you visit…

Love Elainexxxxxxxx

Hiya !! Hi Elaine & Karen

Can I poke my nose in here , or little fin ? lol

Elaine , the mirror hugs must be working.
The rainbows are back with you .
The yellow of the daffodils are springing up all around you !
you can have the purple of my crocus also if you like…

Elaine - Keep thinking colours, whether its a red brick house or a beige coloured stone cottage!
gather you colours again and erase all the greys and darks.
we dont want them anymore!

Congrats on the part time job, break yourself in gently, from pastels to bold ! hey… the Nemo artist has been to art class tonight and is full of colour !

You Will heal within !

remember we spoke of Pat once… P … well , she is OK, just to let you know, she had her op, and all is benign and all is well! She heard her good news today and sends Lots of love as always to everyone who remembers her…

Sorry to muscle in Karen… just wanted to drop a colourful line to all… still cant get the hang of the … ‘one liners’ ! lol…

lots as love and hugs as always
Rach xx

Well hello you Hi Rach,

Another one of my travellers who snook in and out without me noticing…lol…

A great big thank you for your colourful message am sitting here catching them all.
How did the art class go? what else are you up to at the moment?
Surely it must be time for the cybertrip girlie’s to have a reunion, it seem such a long time ago we were all together. Have a suggestion to make…how about when me and Lyn move into our new abode, we could have a house warming party…wouldn’t that be fun…(are you following this if not you will find all info on treatment after cancer…i need help) Could always go back to tip and collect a few glasses to toast to us all. Thinking of brewing my own at the moment as I cannot afford to buy it…am collecting stale fruit from the skips and hoping to make my own wine…just do not know what to call it…any suggestions?(That’s if it makes if from the demijons to the bottle…you know me will just have to have a little taster or three…lol

Anyway lovely to hear from you PLEASE call again soon…

Great news about Pat, have been thinking about her, please send her big huggles and cuddles from her cybertrip buddie. Hope to hear from her soon.

Take care