for karen

hi havnt heard from you in a while, are you ok? im having my bone scan on monday, feeling a little scared, but got to know one way or the other. hope you and yours are ok, are you still doing the calendar with us? hope so as then we get to meet face to face, catch you soon take care love lynn x

scared…i’d be flippin’ petrified…i’m sure it’s nothing to worry about though.
yes still doing calender with you…it will be great to meet face to face,
how are things going with the calender…how far have you managed to get with things…let me know if i can help in some way
How are finances going…i went to CAB yesterday…they were impressed that i’d done so much already on my own ie.,writing letters, doing budget sheet…said i was doing right thing and could either carry on by myself or fill out the pack they gave me, hand it in and they would give me an apt with money adviser…
Hope all is ok with you and your family…will e-mail you monday to see how scan went…i know you won’t get results same day…thats the worst part isn’t it…waiting for the results.

take care
karen x

Hello you two, hows it going, am back for a couple of days now have yer missed me…lol

What time is your appointment on monday lyn, fingers toes and everything else will be crossed for you. Speak later.

Karen well done you with the CAB, power to the girlies eh,

Cannot wait to get together to do the photo shoot, do you think we can look as good as Posh Beckam???Lol…

Speak to you both soon