for myrag.....Diep

Hi myrag,Ive not long had my op and it was at the canniesburn! Ward 48 is the HDU and thats where you will go the day before your op,and where you will wake up after.The staff are like angels,really.I needed a Few Adsa sports bras plus extenders (due to swelling) a few sets of pyjamas or nightshirts - must be front opening with buttons.The bras were £4.00 each in black and white.The Hospital provide Johnsons baby shower gel and towels so thats a help to know.I didnt have to take in any girdle type pants unlike other ladies,if you can think of anything else let me know as its still really fresh in my mind,thinking of you,Debs

Hi Debs, Thanks for the reply, its great to hear that about the hospital it helps put my mind at ease a bit. How long where you in for and did it all go okay for you? Still trying to get my head round that I am going into hospital feeling healthy (that sounds silly but hopefully you know what I mean) and I will wake up not knowing what bit of my body the most pain will be from. I know it will all be worth it and I am just looking at it as being the start of a new chapter of my life. Thanks take care myrag x