for twinmimmy.....My Diep is on 25th sept

Ive just come back after a week abroad and saw your posting-Im due to have my Diep on the same day!!! Im up in Scotland and having mine done in Glasgow,hope you are the same.My pre-op assessment is on Tues so hope I get to meet everyone etc.Im as terrified as you and cant imagine being in Hospital for a week and poss more.Maybe you can let me know what I need to take in as you are now one step ahead of me lol.Lets keep in touch just so we can boost each other up,wont be long now,and I put on half a stone after eating so much on holiday!Thinking of you and look forward to hearing from you,best wishes Debs

Hi Debs
Fantastic to have a buddy going through this at same time as me! Yes, had pre-op Thursday and looked around the unit. There are 14 beds, all individual rooms. A bit daunted to be told I will be whipped off for surgery 8.30 am but unlikely to be back in my room till at least 9 pm - I know its a big op but put like that, can’t help but get the jitters. Having said all of that the staff all seem wonderful and of course lots of women, naturally, have gone through this and come out the other side, pleased they did it. I’m sure we’ll be the same. I have been told the average stay is a week though some have managed to get home in 5 days. I asked what to wear and was told best thing is to bring in 5 ‘button up’ nighties (where do you get these!) as they need to check the breast hourly so need easy access. Was told I wouldn’t get a good nights sleep till i get home! I did ask about bras to wear - if I can wear one - and was told to get an M & S Sports bra.
I have put onweight too - must be the comfort eating in aniticipation! Will definitely keep in touch Debs. Very best wishes.

Hi Debs - what a shame we couldn’t meet up - would have been great! Am doing ok - trying not to think about it most of the time - but forced to now. I must say nobody mentioned pants at all and I really should have asked. I think I will ask at M&S as they seem to get an awful lot of business from ladies going through recon.

Yes, I have twins, 7 year old boys. As their Dad is in charge while I’m in hospital am expecting they’ll be living on fishfingers and chips till my return! All the best to you xx