For twinmummy...tomorrow!!!!

Well,thanks for your message,how are you feeling tonight?Do you think youll get any sleep?I keep wondering how long husbands can stay tomorrow,also where do we sleep on the night before our diep.Its such a shame we arent in the same hospital,Im to blame as I was the one that moved from good old Leicester but Scotlands beautiful ! Well thats us going in the morning,hasnt it all flown by so fast.My very best wishes and big hugs,wonder if we can swop email addresses?Fingers & toes crossed and chat soon ,Debs

Debs you won’t get this till you get home I guess but thanks so much for the message. I slept fine last night but today in half an hour am going in so I guess will be a different story tonight. Very best of luck - try and post as soon as poss on return home and yes try swopping email addresses. Best wishes and lots of hugs to you too - it goes without saying I’ll be thinkin of you x