Forgive me whinging!

Sorry to post this, but tonight there is no one else to tell. It is a year to the day that I had my mastectomy. No other treatment but Letrozole. I seemed to have coped well despite mourning my sister who died from cancer 6 weeks before my had been stressful and painful to watch.

My knee replacements were postponed, but finally this year the go ahead was given again. But l failed the pre op - blood pressure! The doctors is so busy. It has taken 2 weeks to get two blood pressure readings. Foolishly l went for the second one today -the date of my operation and sister’s birthday. Pressure high, last week ok. I know have to wait 2 weeks for 24 hour monitoring. I know it’s for my own good but my knees are now very painful and sleep and walking difficult. My operation will be on hold for ever( or so it seems)

Then this morning it was implied that if we were overweight we were responsible for our cancer.l was never overweight until l became so immobile, and watch what l eat like a hawk, trying to lose at least a pound a month.

So sorry again, but it all got to me today. I know it will get sorted. I know l’m being unreasonable and it was bad timing.

Have a good weekend everyone. I will cheer up tomorrow’!!

Love to you all, l feel better already!

There is nothing to forgive. You are not being unreasonable. This site is here for people to offload and get support so it’s great that you reached out. Don’t be hard on yourself - you have had a tough year and it’s not surprising that you want the knee operation done asap. I’m sending you big hugs and hope you get your op as soon as you can.

Evie xx

Hello over70, I think anniversaries of diagnosis, operations etc are hard. You can’t help remembering what happened and how you were feeling and if people haven’t been through it, they just can’t understand. On top of this you have the sadness of remembering your sisters birthday today as well. You are also in pain with your knees. I think you are coping remarkably well. I am not surprised that today has been a hard day.


I am four years on from my diagnosis but still quietly remember the dates of my diagnosis and operations and think I probably always will. 


Take care and be kind to yourself today. I hope you are soon able to go ahead with the knee operations.





My dear you are not whinging in any way at all, you are having a bad time at the moment. That is the beauty of this forum we can be ourselves and say how we are really feeling knowing that there are people on here that really understand us.


Whoever implied that because we are overweight we are responsible for getting cancer wants a good thumping!!  As you say you have never been overweight, and there are lots of ladies on here who have never been or are overweight and have still got bc.  Some people are just soooo insensitive


You knee pain which is exascerbating your lack of sleep will not be helping your current feelings, but you know that you will get that knee op and things will improve, it is just going to take a little bit longer


Sending you a very special squidgy Helena huggle coz you have not one in a while



Hi, no need to apologise, I have just posted myself because no one around me really knows how it feels. I had a mastectomy 2yrs ago on Good Friday and am awaiting reconstruction - I’ve been told to lose weight before that can happen but chemo, radio, major surgery, anti depressants and Tamoxifen have made that very difficult.
I can’t imagine god it is for you going through all this while mourning your sister.
As you say, each day is different and I sincerely hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Sending love and hugs xxx